Lobby: Obama gives $221m to PA but only $38b to Israel

Obama-Israel-holocaustl[1]The Israeli agents in the US Congress and the Zionist media have condemned Barack Obama’s parting gift of $221 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA), a  USrael proxy. Obama ordered authorized the funds to be sent to Ramallah (West Bank), and not to democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza.

The same American traitors had applauded Barack Obama for authorizing $38 billion aid to the Zionist entity in September 2016.

Two Israeli Republican poodles, Rep. Ed Royce, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Rep. Kay Granger, chairwoman of the House Foreign Operation, have put an hold on the PA funds which were authorized to be delivered to PA last year. The two poodles have claimed that they want to punish the PA for seeking recognition at international forums.

Jewish Newsweek on January 24, called USAID to Palestinian Authority as Obama’s last slap on Netanyahu face. “The gesture, on surface, a farewell gift, will be perceived as a parting shot at Israeli prime minister Netanyahu because of the fractured personal relationship,” wrote Jack Moore.

On January 26, an idiot Jew blogger Andrew Block at The Times of Israel, cursed Barack Obama for giving the last minute gift to PA by comparing him with Persian King Ahasuerus, husband of Netanyahu’s heroic Jewish Queen Esther.

I find it fascinating that many Jews voted for Obama and attended the Inauguration banquet – similar to what happened in the days of Achashveros. Those Jews knew who Obama was even during those days – his affiliation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright who repeatedly said G-d F**k America and G-d F**k Israel in his church during services with the Obamas in attendance – for over 20 years,” wrote Block.

Throughout his administration, Obama sought to at best create daylight, and at worse, hurt, Israel. The Iran deal, which by almost all accounts will not prevent but speed up Iran’s path to the nuclear bomb while giving almost $150 billion to a state sponsor of terrorism, is astonishing. Getting back to the Purim theme, one can view Obama as a modern-day Haman and Achashvaros in regards to the Iran Deal. He could be viewed as Achashvaros in the way he allowed Iran – who chants Death to Israel and threatens to Wipe Israel off the map – to get an almost guaranteed path to Nuclear weapons, with the purpose of destroying Israel. He could be viewed as Haman, in the way he gave $150 billion to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror, like Haman, who gave 10,000 talents of silver to the state treasury for the purchase of the Jews. The parallels are striking,” Block added.

Maybe the Jewish bloke didn’t read Lara Friedman’s Op-Ed at the Jew York Times (April 10, 2016), entitled: Israel’s unsung protector: OBAMA.

James Wall, contributing editor of the Christian Century magazine posted on his personal blog on January 25: “It should be apparent to anyone who smells beyond the bubble of the noses of the Israel Lobby and Fox News, that government leaders who want to act for justice, carry the burden of operating in a democracy where Congress has yielded its moral compass to its Tel Aviv masters. But it must be noted that Bibi Netanyahu is having his own palpitations over Donald Trump. A large number of those US Neo-Conservatives, who would ordinarily have been major players in the Trump foreign policy circle, are currently being ignored by Trump.”


4 responses to “Lobby: Obama gives $221m to PA but only $38b to Israel

  1. Excellent title!
    It says it all: 221 to Palestine, only 38 to Israel! Obama was no friend of Israel….. Oy!

  2. Actually the Palestinians say this money was never received. But there again israel steals 73% of Palestine’s aid money

    • I mentioned in the post that the funds are put on hold. They’re never meant for Palestinians but a donation for Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah for their subservience to Israel.

      As far stealing – it’s kosher as long as it belongs to non-Jewish people.

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