Lobby: Muslim Brotherhood is threat to US

qutb1On January 11, 2017, two Israeli Cuban poodles, Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart introduced a bill asking the new secretary of state (Trump’s nominee Rex Tillerson is not confirmed by the AIPAC-controlled US Senate as yet) to designate the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood as an international terrorist organization.

The bill is designated as Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.

How much these two Republican idiots know about the Muslim Brotherhood can be judged by their Republican sister former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s statement made in Cairo in 2013. She said Muslim Brotherhood did 9/11.

Both former US president Barack Obama and the Zionist Jew Bitch Victoria Nuland had assured the paranoid Israeli poodles in the US Congress that Muslim Brotherhood is not anti-Israel.

Muslim Brotherhood established by Imam Hassan al-Banna as a religious reformist group in 1928 never built an armed wing like Hamas or Hizbullah to wipe Israel off the map – but it did urge its followers to defend Palestinian from the European ZioNazi invaders in 1948.

Since its establishment, its leaders and members had been jailed or hanged by the British colonists, and successive anti-Islam rulers like Col. Gamal Nasser (d. 1970), Col. Anwar Sadaat (killed by a soldier in 1981 for recognizing Israel in 1981), Marshal Hosni Mubbarak, and Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the current military dictator born to a Spanish Jewish mother.

The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimun), though banned as a political party in Egypt – is the largest and most organized religious and political Islamic movement in both Egypt and Jordan. It also carries significant influence in Occupied Palestine (Hamas) and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

However, Muslim Brotherhood has totally failed to bring democracy, justice, gender and financial equality into Egypt, or Syria because like other Islamic movements in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Bosnia, etc. – it has tried to establish Islamic governance by participating in the post-colonial secularist system created by the anti-Islam West to keep Islam out of politics.

This is not the first time Israeli poodles have claimed a Muslim resistance group to the Jewish colonists in the Middle East. American Jewish journalist and novelist David Mizner wrote in April 2015: “Spearheaded not just by Jews but also conservative Christians and anti-Muslim activists, the Israel Lobby has used the “war on terror” to turn Israel into a cultural issue, creating a climate in which to support justice for Palestinians is to be suspect, soft on terrorism, and jihadist-supporting.”


3 responses to “Lobby: Muslim Brotherhood is threat to US

  1. Meanwhile in Iran an unconfirmed report has it that the Iranian leadership all laughed so hard they had tears running down their faces when they read this message:
    “Israeli leader to Iran: “We are your friend, not your enemy”
    JERUSALEM — Israel’s leader has recorded a conciliatory message to the people of Iran, saying, “we are your friend, not your enemy.” In the video uploaded to his Facebook page Saturday, Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the people of Iran in English, with Farsi subtitles.”
    In Washington, the same unconfirmed report says this news threw Trump into utter confusion and he summoned his Jewish advisers (which means all of his advisers) to explain to him the meaning of this and instruct him on how to react, if at all.

    • Well, this is not the first time the Israeli Nazis thought Iranians are as stupid as Americans and French.

      In March 2012, the war criminal Shimon Peres sent greeting to Iranian people on the Persian New Year, Nowruz.

  2. Maybe not. Maybe they think only the Americans and their vassals are this stupid. Note that both of them recorded their messages not in Hebrew –their official language– with subtitles in Farsi, but in English, for easy distribution to the English-speaking. “Look, how peaceful we are, oy!”

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