Joe Biden: Pakistan-Russia-N. Korea are ‘Axis of Evil’

3+monkeys[1]Earlier this week, the outgoing US vice-president Joe Biden, whose son and daughter both have Zionist Jewish spouses, said that Pakistan, Russia and North Korea were making ‘counterproductive’ moves that only heightened the risk that nuclear weapons could be used in a regional conflict.

Not just North Korea, but Russia, Pakistan, and others have made counterproductive moves that only increase the risk that nuclear weapons could be used in a regional conflict in Europe, South Asia, or East Asia,” Biden said in his address at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) dinner (Listen below).

The CEIP was founded by the US State Department in 1910. Its current president is Dr. Jessice Tuchman Mathews, a Zionist Jew. She is also a senior fellow at Jews CFR. The CEIP is ranked 2nd top so-called ‘US Think Tanks’ after Jewish Brooking Institute followed by CSIS, CFR, Wilson Center, and the RAND by the Think Tank Watch – all controlled by Israeli propagandists.

It’s understandable why Joe Biden didn’t include the rogue Zionist entity which has more nuclear bombs (400) than Pakistan (107) India (90), and N. Korea (9) put together.

It seems Israel-First Joe Biden doesn’t know India’s chief Gen. Bipin Rawat threatened with a military strike only two weeks ago. Last year Indian interior minister Rajnath Singh India will cut Pakistan into 10 pieces. It’s India which is occupying Pakistan’s territory of Jammu & Kashmir Valley since 1948.

The phrase ‘Axis of Evil’ has Jewish roots. I was coined by Canadian-born Zionist Jew David Frum, former speechwriter of former US president Dubya George Bush, a war criminal. Bush applied it against Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. North Korea was the only country with a few Hiroshima-type nuclear bombs among the three. The nuclear deterrence saved North Korea from US-Israel war machine while it destroyed Iraq – and is working on Iran since 1980s.


2 responses to “Joe Biden: Pakistan-Russia-N. Korea are ‘Axis of Evil’

  1. Poor Joe, they keep him out of the loop and he is always a few steps behind. They forgot to update him on the list of countries that are “national security threats.”
    In addition to Pakistan, Russia and North Korea, two world powers much more intimidating than the above-mentioned three have now been recognized as national security threats: Cuba and Venezuela:

  2. Of course NUTENYAHA is the puppet master

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