Gen. Mattis supports US-Iran agreement now!

10524622_10154505738645151_1454627993157638481_n_zpse9f70eb41It seems, Marine Gen (ret) James Mattis, US president-elect Donald Trump’s choice to head the country’s Defense Department has now decided to agree with the outgoing CIA director John Brennan that the US-Iran nuclear agreement is good for Israel after-all.

During his Senate confirmation hearing Thursday Mattis said that United States should live up to the terms of JCPOA (P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement), and warned of Russia’s attempt to break the NATO, the military tool of US Imperialism.

I think it is an imperfect arms control agreement,” Mattis told members of the Armed Services Committee. “It’s not a friendship treaty, but when America gives her word we have to live up to it and work with our allies.”

Many people were surprised to hear Mattis break from Donald Trump’s team loaded with anti-Iran Zionist Jews and Christians.

The US Congress just approved Gen. Mattis as country’s next head of the Pentagon by 268 in favor and 150 opposed.

America’s veteran military analyst and author, Mark Perry, in a recent article, entitled, James Mattis 33 Year Against Iran, claimed that Mattis like other senior Marines has not forgotten the 1983 Bierut Marines attack – An Israeli false flag operation which killed 241 Marines which like AMIA bombing in Argentina was blamed on Hizbullah aka Iran.

In case readers don’t know Mark Perry – he was declared anti-Israel and Jew hater in 2006 by the Organized Jewry for reporting that Hizbullah fighters did kick Jewish army’s butts during Israel-Lebanon War in Summer 2006.

Mattis, retired from Marines after 40 years service in 2013, and joined the Hoover Institute, run by Israel lobbyist like Madeline Albright, George Schultz, Thomas Sowell, Richard V. Allen, Jack Goldsmith, Terry A. Anderson, Henry Kissinger, Herbert Walberg, and others.

Mattis, though a committed Zionist Christian and Islamophobe – has sometimes crossed Israel’s redline. For example, in 2013, while speaking at the Aspen Institute, called Israel, an Apartheid State: “The United States is paying a military and security price every day because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If Israel continued construction of new Jewish settlements – it’s going to turn Israel into an apartheid state,” he said.

In addition to Gen. Mattis Trump’s other three top guns, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Zionist Christian), Daniel R. Coats (Zionist Jew), and Mike Pompeo (Zionist Christian) were all flag-bears of AIPAC campaign against the JCPOA agreement, and Israel’s proxy war against Iran. But, the first US Jewish president, Barack Obama administration refused to fulfill Netanyahu’s dream come true because US Army Generals advised not to open a new war front in the Middle East which could wipe out 40% of Israel’s Jewish population.

I don’t believe Donald Trump is strong enough to tear 172-page JCPOA document in one shot as he promised to his Jewish backers before November 9 – but Iran’s ‘Guardian Angle’ Khamenei could burn the document with ease as he promised.

Trump team knows that if US decided to walk-out of the JCPOA – none of its co-signatory partners (Russia, China, UK, France, and Germany) are going to follow it as they all have cemented trade pacts with Tehran. Furthermore, the UN Security Council had declared the agreement being kosher. What Netanyahu wants Trump to do is – keep economic pressure on Iran till its economy crashes. This strategy has failed during the last 36 years and there is no hope of its working in the future either.

Iran has annual economy of US$410 billion. United States has already suffered a loss of $272 billion as result of its ‘crippling sanctions’ against Iran.

As long as Iran’s Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is alive, there will be no diplomatic or trade relations with United States. You can mark my word.


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