French philosopher gives bloody nose to Islamophobe

Last month French comedian Dieudonné M’Balla M’Balla moderated a debate between controversial French philosopher Alain Soral and Daniel Conversano, an Italian-French Zionist nationalist. The topic of the debate was “reconciliation between the native French nationalist and French Muslims, whose ancestors immigrated from French colonies in the Middle East and Africa” (watch in French below).

Alain Soral claimed that French Muslims are the best allies of the French nationalists against the Organized Jewry which is working on a plan to destroy the White Christian majority in Europe (here).

Conversano accused Soral of supporting horde of Maghrebins (Algerians) on French soil. When Soral demanded some respect from Conversano to which Conversano said he didn’t respect him.

Soral, who’s a boxer, lost temper and punched Conversano a couple of time, which resulted blood dripping from his mouth and nose. However, that didn’t stop Conversano spew his hatred toward Muslims and non-White immigrants.

Soral fears two things for France: An ethnic civil war and importing the  so-called clash of civilizations into France. As such he is anti-immigration but sees those who attack Muslims and non-Europeans already in France as contributing to Zionist power and a civil conflict which could permanently wreck the Nation. Examples of this in action include Lebanon’s destruction by Israel and Libya’s by France and NATO.

Soral believes France needs a community rebalancing in which 500,000 French Jews would be less influential and 7 million French Muslims more so. Having minorities after all is not necessarily problematic so long as they respect the majority and do not overwhelm the country. Perhaps Soral believes, if the tide is stemmed, that the French core will eventually be able to absorb the new arrivals. In any case, Soral himself has never called himself a White nationalist, has rarely shown interest in a White Europe as such, and always refers to himself as a French nationalist.

What is unique about Alain Soral – he is despised by both anti-Muslim White Christian racists and the Organized Jewry including French Jewish president Hollande, prime minister Manuel Valls, former president Nicolas Sarkozy, Madonna, and of course Front National’s Marine Le Pen with a Jewish boyfriend and the soul-mate of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Soral, in nutshell, supports every individual and organization which stand-up to Judo-Christian imperialism. He supports Iran, especially Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela and Hizbullah.

Soral opposes the various far-right Zionist nationalists, including the Dutch Party for Freedom and the English Defense League, which support the Zionist entity.

Soral’s influence is unsurprisingly greatest however in the French-speaking world, including Belgium, Quebec, the Maghreb and francophone Black Africa.

Soral has fostered a very close friendship with country’s top Afro-French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, and Israel-British author and musician Gilad Atzmon.

Except his bad temper, Alain Soral reminds me of another French atheist, author and politician Roger Garaudi (died 2012), who became the most hated French philosopher of the 20th century by the Organized Jewry for authoring the book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. A Paris court banned the book and fined the author US$40,000. Garaudi converted to Islam in 1982.

France is a land of philosophers. But a great majority of them are pro-Israel Judo-Christian Zionists, and anti-Muslims such as Henry-Bernard Levi who played a major part in Western invasion of Libya and Syria, Voltaire, who campaigned for cultural and religious tolerance, Ernest Renan, who claimed Jesus was Jewish and a White man, Emmanuel Todd (Jewish) who blamed Nicolas Sarkozy for the anti-Muslim riots in 2005, and believes that racial tension in France will disappear once the old White generation dies, Jean-Paul Sartre (died 1982), an Israel supporter but was declared anti-Semite for not saving Jews during German occupation of France, and Eric Zemmour, born to Algerian Jewish parents, who claimed in September 2016 that French army will carry-out ethnic-cleansing of Muslims as the Jewish army did in the West Bank and Gaza.

Listen to Alain Soral’s views on Israel and Iran below.





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