Sinn Fein leader irks Jews over heritage of Jesus (as)

pdadams11Last week, Northern Ireland party Sinn Fein’s president Gerry Adams and American Jewish actress, comedian and former Holocaust denier Roseanne Cherrie Barr clashed over claims that Jesus (as) was a Palestinian.

On December 30, 2016, Gerry Adams posted on his blog: “ Jesus was not blue eyed or blond haired. Jesus is a Palestinian. So, he probably was a little swarthy skinned black haired wee lad. Just like three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying drowned on a beach in Turkey or other wee kids we see on television fleeing war and poverty and being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea, or scrambling for food in a refugee camp or playing in a bomb site in Gaza city.”

The Sinn Fein leader also said Mary the Mother of Jesus, reared a good son, like most of Palestinian mothers do.

Adams post led to a vicious online debate with the members of the Organized Jewry insisting that Jesus was a Jewish boy from Bethlehem – a city in Israeli occupied West Bank.

According to Jewish historian, Benjamin H. Freedman, Jesus was not Jewish. Israeli historian Shlomo Sand in his book, The Invention of Jewish people, claims that the myth of Jewish nation was created only a century ago.

Roseanne Barr, 64, responded to Gerry Adams with a series of bizarre comments on Twitter.

Imperialist Vatican Banks and Swiss Knight Templars r trying 2 destroy & erase Tribal Rights of Tribe of David in City of David (sic),” the comedian said.

Historically, the Vatican and is banking institution are controlled by Jesuit cult that supports Zionism and Jewish occupation of Palestine.

On July 19, 2014, Jesuit Pope Francis, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children by ICLCJ Court (here).

In 2012, Italian Jewish journalist Giulio Metti described Gerry Adams: “The Irish hatred for Israel is denationalized and secularized, internationalist, universalist and third-worldist. It’s embodied by Gerry Adams, who has led the Irish Republican movement for four decades. He donned a kaffiyeh when he went to Israel to make a TV documentary about Jesus and he met with Hamas’ leaders.”

The real IRA broke off from the IRA and or Sinn Fein, not Israeli Shin Bet, but Sinn Fein because they thought Gerry Adams sold out their country to the British. So the real IRA could be like the real Conservatives in the USA. We know that the Neocons are no Conservatives. These methods of terrorism are no different from the Irgun, Stern gang, etc.. in Israel used also to get the British out of there and the same people had the same connections inside the British government to cover it up,” posted Jewish blogger Mel Gibstein on November 25, 2010.

IRA not only was run by British police, MI5, and army but also Israeli Mossad. IRA’s terrorist roots goes back to early 1940s when it began collaborating with Jewish terrorist groups Irgun and Lehi. Robert Briscoe, the Jewish Mayor of Dublin met Irgun leaders secretly in London before WWII.

Another Irish Jew who supported both IRA and Jewish terrorist militias in British mandate Palestine, was Isaac Herzog, former chief rabbi of Ireland who immigrated to Palestine in 1936 where he was appointed chief rabbi of Palestine by British mandate authority to maintain religious tolerance with the help of the Mufti of Palestine.

In 1986, Mossad director Rafi Eitan travelled to Belfast to track possible IRA links with Lebanon’s resistance group Hizbullah.

Gerry Adams, called Mary’s so-called husband Joseph as one of his heroes. “Joseph is one of my heroes. One of the good people that some of us are lucky to have in our lives. The good uncle. The kind father. The sound teacher or sports mentor. The decent man who tries to keep us right even if we are intent on doing our way. Like his oldest lad,” wrote Adams.

Holy Qur’an describes the story of Saint Mary (as) and her son, prophet Isa(Jesus) in Surah Maryam. It claims Saint Mary remained virgin from birth to death. There is no mention of Joseph as “boyfriend or husband” of Saint Mary. Jesus’ uncle from mother side was prophet Yahya (John the Baptist).


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