India’s top gun threatens Pakistan and China

india-flag[1]Only two days in office, India’s new military chief of staff, Gen. Bipin Rawat has already started threatening its two nuclear neighbors, Pakistan and China. In an exclusive interview published by the Times of India on Wednesday, he warned Pakistan and China that India’s 1.3 million-strong army was fully prepared to fight on two fronts simultaneously.

The two-front war is a real scenario. The Army, Navy and IAF are now jointly very much prepared for such an eventuality,” Rawat said during the interview.

Since he was promoted over two senior-most Generals by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi he has repeatedly threatened Pakistan over latter’s support for the Kashmiri freedom-fighters. He threatened his Pakistani counterpart Gen. Qamar Bajwa that if ‘provoked’, India can and will strike inside Pakistan to strike anti-India Kashmiri rebels.

In August 2016, Narendra Modi threatened Islamabad that if Kashmiri separatists were not stopped attacking Indian army posts by Pakistan military, India will support separatists in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. CIA and Mossad are already helping rebels in Pakistan and Iranian Baloch areas to establish a Greater Balochistan.

Modi’s salvo at Pakistan was driven by two main motivations: one, to deflect pressure on his government for the ongoing crisis in Indian-controlled Kashmir; and two, to project India as a regional hegemon capable of denying China access to economic trade routes through Pakistan into the Indian Ocean region. On both efforts, despite Modi’s braggadocio, India is likely to fail,” wrote Israeli propaganda website, National on August 21, 2016.

Last week, China warned India and its western allies who are fueling a nuclear race between India and Pakistan in order to destabilize the Chinese neighborhood.

In 1962, India started a war with communist China over Chinese occupied Tibet but lost a large territory of its own. India is home to over 90,000 Tibetan Buddhist and a Tibetan government with a prime minister and a parliament in exile in India which is recognized by both India and United States. India is also headquarter of Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, a CIA-Mossad agent.

India has fought three major wars with Pakistan including the creation of its Bangladesh colony in 1971 in the former East Pakistan – separated by 1,100 miles from Pakistan by Indian territory. All the three wars were before both countries became nuclear powers.

India has world’s largest standing volunteer army. In 2016, India was among the world’s top five military spenders; United states (US$622 billion), China (US$191.7 billon), UK (US$53.8 billion), India (US$50.7 billion), and Saudi Arabia (US$48.68 billion).

In spite of such huge military spending by Indian government while 53% of its population lives under poverty line – Canadian veteran war-reporter and author Eric Margolis has called India, a Giant with feet of clay.


2 responses to “India’s top gun threatens Pakistan and China

  1. If the Dalai Lama is a “CIA- Mossad agent”, then the Ayatollah Hamanei is a crypto-Saudi Sunni who supports Daesh with oil money from BP. ^..^

    • I know, as usual, I’m talking to the 10ft thick Holy Wailing Wall but could you give some credit to Dalai Lama for being among the most western leaders (Trump, Obama, Clinton, Le Pen, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Pope Francis, Justin Welby, etc.) who only dream about Israel – day and night.

      Now, the name of the man who holds PhD in Islamic theology, had been Iran’s most popular president for eight years and Spiritual Guide of a Shia majority (80%) nation, and respected by millions of Sunnis, Christians and even Jews, is Ayatullah KHAMENEI. He cannot be a “crypto-Saudi sunni” because that would make him a “crypto-Jew Sunni” like the Saudi ‘royals’. Furthermore, Daesh is also lead by a “crypto-Sunni” Abu Bakr al-Baghadadi, who was born into a French Jewish family under the name Simon Elliot.

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