US ambassador threatens Jordan

alicew1US ambassador to the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan, Alice G. Wells has threatened Jordanian government officials during a meeting at the US Embassy in Amman that Washington would cut-off USAID to Jordan in the not too distant future.

She accused Jordan for not helping USrael enough to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Two years ago, United States and Jordan signed four agreements on US aid to Jordan totaling 8.786 millions of dollars in return for assurance and promise of Jordan for dominating Syrian capital Damascus. After three years from Jordan’s promises and assurances and after two years from signing agreements, Jordan has failed to fulfill its promises and keep up with US’s interests in Syria,” she said.

Assad regime became more powerful now than three years ago. US has made a mistake to trust Jordan’s hollow promises. Now is the time to back of its promises,” she added.

In the past, Alice Wells worked at US embassy in Moscow, Islamabad, Riyadh, and New Delhi. She speaks Russian and studied Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic. On April 26, 2016, she was interviewed by professor Safwan Masri, executive vice-president for Global Centers, Columbia University, and an adviser to Jordan’s Queen Rania on education. During an hour-long interview, Wells talked mostly Iran’s non-existence nukes, and Iran’s ally president Assad being two greatest threats to the region.

Iran is a regional presence by geography, population, and trade, and its policies have a very real effect on the Middle East, from Syria to Iraq to Yemen and beyond.  Iran must decide whether to use the opening of this nuclear deal to play a constructive role in the region – the onus is on Iran to rebuild trust and resolve its differences with its neighbors after decades of destabilizing activities in the region. This deal did not attempt to resolve all of our differences with Iran and conclusion of this deal does not absolve Iran from responsibility for its dangerous and aggressive actions. We continue to vigorously enforce sanctions pertaining to Iran’s support for terrorism, human rights abuses, and ballistic missile program,” she said.

On USAID to the Hashmite Kingdom she said: “As a friend, the United States has supported Jordan in the past and will support Jordan in the future, whether we talk about bilateral assistance, US investment, or military cooperation. The United States has provided over $15 billion in economic assistance to Jordan since its founding. Just last year we signed an MOU to provide Jordan $1 billion annually for three years, and our 2016 budget allocates even more – in total almost $1.6 billion.”

One wonders if Alice Wells knows that during 1970-2004, American taxpayers donated $3,000 billions in military, financial and soft-loans to the Zionist entiy. The outgoing US president Barack Obama gave more aid to Israel than any previous president. With the election of Donald Trump, Israel has hit the gold mine.

In 2015, Alice Wells like British ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough (a Jewish lesbian) irked the ‘uncivilized people’ by delivering a speech at a LGBT event in Amman.

On Thursday, Jordanian information minister Mohammed Momani told The Associated Press that US president-elect Donald Trump move to shift US embassy from Tel Aviv to the Zionist occupied City of Jerusalem would be a “red line” for Jordan and would inflame the Islamic and Arab streets.

Momani noted that the transfer of the US diplomatic mission could disrupt relations between the US and regional allies, including Jordan, stressing that Amman will make use of all available political and diplomatic avenues to prevent such a decision.

Earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu had blasted Jordan government for voting in favor of UNESCO resolution which claimed that Jews occupying Palestine have no historic link with Old Jerusalem city.

In September 2015, King Abdullah II of Jordan snubbed Netanyahu over Jewish-Palestinian riots in East Jerusalem. In an interview with the Washington Post in January 2011, the king accused Netanyahu of not interested in peace in the region.

Last month, former US Army deputy chaplain and founder of Israel’s Voice website David Weissman posted an open letter to president-elect Donald Trump asking him to dump King Abdullah II – claiming that the king is no friend of the US or Israel.

Jordan established diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity on October 26, 1994 – becoming the second Arab nation after Egypt (March 1979) in return accepting one billion dollars bribe from the United State.

The tiny Kingdom is a former British colony carved out of the Greater Syria under Ottoman empire.


One response to “US ambassador threatens Jordan

  1. I’m betting that Wells is yet another Zionist influenced or actual Zionist – hell bent on forwarding Israel’s interests — now I’ll go look it up — who is betting with me ? Zionist Extremists plans for “Greater Israel” are central to this mess — Look up the Zionist 1982 Yinon Plan and see how that plan is coming into play with Syria as it did with Iraq. LOOK IT UP

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