Iran’s female bodyguards

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On January 3, 2017, Brigadier-General Hedayat Alborzi, commander of Iran’s law enforcement department announced that from now on foreign female government officials visiting the Islamic Republic will be protected by female bodyguards.

At present, we have some mechanisms to use female bodyguards in missions of the Unit for the Protection of VIPs,” General Alborzi said.

Of course, the female bodyguards who have been trained will mostly take part in missions to protect the foreign female guests at international meetings so that they can easily carry out their protection responsibilities beside those figures,” he added.

Asked if the female bodyguards are used for female Iranian officials too, General Alborzi said that the police unit is prepared to provide them with female bodyguards at their demand.

Female police force began its operation in Iran in 2003.

On February 6, 2012, the Jew-owned Washington Post and over two dozen other Israeli hasbara idiots claimed on websites that there were 3,500 female Ninja army as a ‘lethal weapon’ against Israel and its Arab neighbors (watch below the Ninja being trained in Iran).

I’m sure most of readers must have heard about Jewish media’s great dig about Libyan leader Qiddafi’s female bodyguards. Qaddafi, according to French Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, had to be eliminated being a great threat to Israel.

To great relief of Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, J. Matthew Mclnnis claimed at Israeli propaganda news website, The National Interest (September 9, 2016) that Iran doesn’t have a normal conventional army.

Iran, to be blunt, does not have a ‘normal’ army, air force, or navy that could achieve those types of objectives the way the United States, Israel, Turkey, or Pakistan do. Why does the Iranian military look this way? First, Tehran has simply not had access to the resources and technology since the 1979 revolution to build and maintain such a force. Second, there is an important revolutionary image to protect of not being an imperialist power like the shah’s Iran. Iranian leaders love to claim the state has not invaded another country for over 250 years, which is technically true in a conventional military sense. Third, the part of the Iranian military that would normally possess classic offensive systems, the Shah’s old Artesh, is burdened by distrust and relative neglect by the senior leadership. This why Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini created the more loyal though unconventional IRGC in the first place, to protect his revolution,” said Mclnnis.

Let us believe the Jew liar for a moment – then the ‘six million question’ is why Netanyahu has been pushing United States to attack Iran instead of letting the Jewish army to do that job which it failed to accomplish against Lebanon’s Hizbullah militia in 2006.

Image result for Iran's female bodyguards


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