Yuri Kochiyama admired Malcolm X

Yuri Kochiyama, born Mary Yuriko Nakahara (died 2014), was Japanese-American human right activist and a great admirer of the famous Afro-American Muslim activist Malcolm X. She cradled Malcolm X’s head as he lay dying from an assassin’s bullets on February 21, 1965 – crying: “Please, Malcolm … stay alive.”

Like many people of conscience, she too was called a supporter of mass killers and terrorists (Dylan Matthews, Vox.com, May 19, 2016) such as Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Abimael Guzman – all Jewish (here). She also admired Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and of course Osama Bin Laden for their courage to stand against America’s Judo-Christian imperialism.

On May 20, 2016, Jonathan S. Tobin at American Jewish Committee’s mouthpiece, the Commentary magazine claimed Yuri Kochiyama was associated with known anti-Semites such as Afro-American poet Amiri Baraka (1934-2014) who was married to Hettie Cohen claimed that Israelis had pre-knowledge of 9/11 (listen below) – And spent her last years working to combat bigotry and profiling against Muslims. Tobin’s other problem with Kochiyama is that like Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky she also believed that “the main terrorist and the main enemy of the world’s people is the US government.”

Her biography shows backing for a laundry list of every ragtag radical anti-American, racialist, and pro-terror group to emerge after World War Two (with the exception of Jewish Zionist terrorist groups). She may have a place in the history of radicalism and even a footnote in the story of American women. But a woman who celebrated the mass murder of Americans and admired the man who plotted that crime is not someone who should be celebrated or considered a role model for women, Asian Americans, or anyone else.”

Kochiyama met Malcolm X in 1963 and they became friends, working alongside each other in the Organization of Afro-American Unity. She talked about meeting Malcolm X in an interview with Democracy Now! in 2008.

Kochiyama and Malcolm X also share a birthday. He would have turned 91 on May 19, 2016.

Kochiyama was among a group of Puerto Ricans and other activists who took over the Statue of Liberty in 1977 in a protest to draw attention to the fight for Puerto Rican independence.

Kochiyama and her husband Bill Kochiyama (watch video below) were among the Japanese Americans to fight for reparations and a government apology for the way they were treated during World War II. Their efforts helped lead to Congressional approval of a plan to pay $20,000 to the 60,000 surviving internees in 1988.


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