Irish University: Israel has no right to exist

university-college-cork1The National University of Ireland, the University College Cork (UCC), is scheduled to hold a conference to debate that Israel has no right to exist. The 3-day conference will be held on March 31-April 2, 2017.

The conference is organized by Israel-born professor Oren Ben-Dor whose earlier attempt to hold a similar conference at the Southampton University was cancelled by then home secretary Theresa May under Jewish Lobby pressure in March 2015.

UCC professor James Bowen praised the decision to host the event in Cork saying academic freedom is still fairly well protected, unlike in the UK, where it seems to have come to be regarded as a disposable luxury.

Professor Geoffrey Alderman (University of Buckingham) who has accepted invitation to participate the UCC event said that he was very pleased the conference is going ahead, very sorry it is not going ahead in the UK.

Dr. Alderman is a committed Zionist Jew who has come under enormous  pressure from UK’s organized Jewry to pull out of this conference. However, he stood-up to Jewish bullies, and insists on delivering a paper, entitled, Jews, Judaism and the Jewish state: ethnic rights and international wrongs.

Irish Jewish Lobby (JRCI) has condemned the conference as no more than an anti-Israel hate-fest.

The Irish4Israel advocacy group concurred, expressing dismay that such hatred is still found in Ireland.

Dr. Denis MacEoin (Jewish), chairman of North-East Friends of Israel in England and a senior fellow at the Washington-based anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute, has been closely monitoring the activities of the conference since it was first introduced in 2015. He says the whole thing is rigged, because it is thoroughly biased in one direction, with only two pro-Israel speakers out of 45.”

On April 12, 2015, George Phillips whined at Gatestone Institute website: “Despite being a member of the United Nations along with Israel, Iran nevertheless does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. As Netanyahu has continually stated, a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel’s existence and America’s existence.”

Doesn’t the idiot know that Iran was the first Muslim country which recognized the Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1949 – followed by Turkey in 1950? Currently, 36 UN member-states don’t recognize the Zionist entity. Why the coward Israeli Jews are afraid of a possible nuclear Iran in the future when Israel already has more than 240 nuclear bombs and backed by world nuclear powers such as the US, UK, France, and Russia?

In a statement the organising committee, which includes five academics from University College Cork, said: “Recent developments in some countries – particularly in the US and the UK – have evidenced an chilling repression of academic freedom when it comes to critique of Israeli state policy. The history of this conference reflects these developments. Originally it was planned to hold the conference at the University of Southampton, but growing pressure on academic freedom in the UK forced a decision to move the conference to Ireland.”

Jewish whining aside – Ireland’s ties with the Zionist entity remain resolutely unchanged despite the best efforts of various Irish human rights NGOs such as B’tselemGisha and al-Haq – and Palestine solidarity activists. Indeed the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) maintains healthy contact with Israeli officials and goods from illegal Israeli settlements still make their way into Irish supermarkets.

Alan Shatter, representing 1000 Irish Jews, mostly expelled from Spain and Portugal after the fall of Muslim rule, was country’s defense and justice minister (2011-2014).


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