Trump and the ‘Greater Israel’

US president-elect Donald Trump, who in his own words and his administration-members he has picked-up so far, proves that he would be best American Zionist dog, Israelis ever dreamed to fulfill Herzl’s dream of Eretz Israel (watch video below).

Donald Trump would support Israel’s annexing parts of the West Bank. It’s not just the commitment of an individual, it’s the commitment of an entire political party to support the state of Israel in ways that frankly Israel has not seen from this country before,” said David D. Friedman, Trump’s ambassador to Tel Aviv.

On December 30, in a post I said that Donald Trump is nothing but a Zionist shill. Trump administration is going to provide unprecedented booster to the establishment of Greater Israel plan over several Arab lands.

On December 30, 2016, Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow, PhD, wrote that when the US president-elect Donald Trump says Make America Great Again – he really means, Make Israel Great Again.

On December 27, Dr. Philip Giraldi, executive director of Council for National Interest, and former CIA counter-terrorism analyst for over two decades, published an article, entitled, Welcome to Greater Israel! The Tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump.

The problem with Israel and its American friends is that they are never satisfied and never leave the rest of us Americans alone, pushing constantly at what is essentially an open door. They have treated the United States like doormat, spying on us more than any ostensibly friendly nation while pocketing over $38 billion donation to their expanding state without so much as a thank you. They are shameless. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer has been all over American television sputtering his rage over the United Nations settlements vote. On CNN he revealed that Israel has clear evidence that President Obama was behind the resolution and he announced his intention to share the information with Donald Trump,” Giraldi said.

In order to punish United States for not vetoing anti-settlement resolution at the UNSC – Netanyahu has threatened to expose Washington Pedophile ring. One wonders if the serial liar Netanyahu knows that the pedophile ring leaders include Jewish billionaires like Jeffrey Epstein, and pro-Israel Christian Zionists Bill Clinton and even Donald Trump. There is a lawsuit against Donald Trump allegedly rapping a 13-year-old girl (pseudonym Jane Doe).

The US ambassadors are supposed to support American interests but Friedman would actually be representing and endorsing a particularly noxious version of Israeli fascism as the new normal in the relationship with Washington,” said Giraldi.

“The Trump team’s animosity towards Iran is also part of the broader Israeli agenda. Iran does not threaten the United States and is a military midget compared either to nuclear armed Israel or the US. Yet is has been singled out as the enemy du jour in the Middle East even though it has invaded no one since the seventeenth century. Israel would like to have the United States do the heavy lifting to destroy Iran as a regional power. If Washington were to attempt to do so it would be a catastrophe for all parties involved but that has not stopped hardliners from demanding unrelenting military pressure on Tehran,” Giraldi added.

On January 2, 2017, US military historian professor Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich (Boston University) lamented that while Israeli leaders care only for the interests of the Zionist entity – for the US leaders American interests come second to Israeli interests. Bacevich, like other Judo-Christian apologists – also demands that Islam needs reformation to be compatible with the West.




3 responses to “Trump and the ‘Greater Israel’

  1. Mash’Allah great site! I love your posts, full of knowledge. I’d like to correspond with you on facebook, if that isn’t too much to ask 🙂 .

  2. The Tail has been wagging the Dog for a long time already!

    • Shhhhh ….. Only Zionist Jews are allowed to say that …..

      On October 31, 2016, Daniel Sugarman posted an article at UK’s top Israeli propaganda news site ‘Jewish Chronicle’ with the title, “The Israeli tail wags the US dog – not only to attack Iran, but also Syria.”

      In the article, Sugarman tries to kill two birds with one stone from his Holy Wailing Wall, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and Britain’s main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

      Sugarman’s Jewish problem with Jeremy Corbyn this time is, Corbyn attended a seminar on the notorious Balfour Declaration in Damascus as part of UK-based Palestinian NGO delegation. Baroness Tonge, Kenya-born Baron Richard Sheikh, and then-MSPs Jim Tolson and Jim Hume also joined Corbyn to meet president Bashar al-Assad.

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