Report: Israel cannot confront Hizbullah again

60708280991599640360no1Maj. Gen. (ret) Giora Eiland, former head of Zionist entity’s national security council has admitted in a report last month that Jewish army is not ready to fight a new war with Lebanon’s Hizbullah militants, calling for avoiding such a confrontation and what may cause it.

Eiland said that the fear of a new war is not caused by the fact that Hizbullah has acquired more modern weaponry, but party’s traditional concept of martyrdom – adding that Hizbullah has now more than 130,000 rockets of all ranges.

Eiland warned that the outcomes of the war in Syria will expose Israel to tough choices, but that it cannot fight Hizbullah’s guerilla warfare although it is more prepared now than it was in 2006.

On Monday, Major-General Amos Yadlin, head of Israeli Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) submitted his annual strategic assessment 2017 report to Zionist president Reuven Rivlin. According to Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Ahronoth, the report states that Hizbullah will continue to pose the most serious conventional threat to Israel in the year ahead. The report deems Iran the second most serious threat to Israeli security, while Palestinian resistance movement Hamas was cited as the third.

Although Iran’s nuclear agreement JCPOA with the West gives Israel a short-term window, Tehran continues to develop its conventional weapons technology,” the report asserted.

Israel’s military Defense News reported on January 1, 2017 that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and Syrian army are the least worries for the Zionist entity. It’s the Hizbullah and its backers in Iran who’re the existential threat to Israel.

I believe that Israel has strong enough advantages to cope with Bashar al-Assad,” a senior Israel army official said. “Our concern is that Iran and Hizbullah will grow ever more confident in Syria when the superpowers leave or reduce their presence, and that will not be a good end to this story.”

The Jew official gloated that since Israeli army is much stronger than its three adversaries – no new war is expected in 2017 unless Israel decide to attack one of those enemies. Then he gave a free advice to Israel’s ‘Guardian Angel’, Vladimir Putin, saying: “If I had opportunity to give advice to President Putin, I’d say you should keep an eye on Hizbullah if you want a stable Middle East and if you want to protect your gains in Syria.”

No wonder Netanyahu called Jewish military leaders Pussies for being afraid to attack Iran without help from the US Army in 2012. Israel Occupation Force (IOF) is afraid of Hizbullah fighters who have no F16s, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, WMDs, and the US-funded Iron Dome.

Members of Israeli intelligence community are now referring to the organization as Hizbullah 3.0 or Third Generation Hizbullah: The first generation was the founding generation during Israel’s 18-year occupation of southern Lebanon with the help of local Christian militia, that ended with a humiliating Israeli withdrawal in 2000; the second is Hizbullah of the Second Lebanon War, in 2006 during which Jewish army faced its first military defeat; and now it’s a completely new Hizbullah. On the one hand it has extended its operation out of Lebanon into Syria, and on the other hand it is gaining vast combat experience and new weapons – and is planning to use both to teach a lesson to the Zionist regime.

Zionist leaders are puzzled that instead of losing its support among Lebanese population due to infiltration of ISIL terrorist into Lebanon as result of Hizbullah’s involvement in Syrian bloodshed – the Resistance has secured more political muscles at home. Hizbullah has succeeded in installing its political ally Gen. Michel Aoun as the president of the country.


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