Fatima Omar Khamissa: Best-Selling Canadian Author

This post is about a fascinating Muslim lady, Fatima Omar Khamissa, whose had a rich husband, had a big house in Toronto and used to hold pool parties. But it all ended in 2008, when she left her 22-year abusive marriage and went into hiding along with her five children – one in wheelchair diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She lived on welfare for a period of time to look after her children.

While collecting a government welfare check, Omar Khamissa made You-tube videos teaching women how to recognize signs of violence and abuse. She also volunteered her time in local prisons and in her community.

Currently, she is Founder-CEO of Spiritual Biz Moms, a leading provider of training and coaching for women who feel stuck, frustrated, and tired of living lives without satisfaction, meaning, and progress – and a Best-Selling Canadian author.

Fatima was born in apartheid South Africa. Her family immigrated to Canada in July 1981, when she was 14-year-old. In Canada, she studied variety of things from applied psychology, energetic healing, matrix energetic, TAT, ETAC, EFT, NLP, Neurolinguistics Programming, Mind Body Connection, and marketing, publishing books. She is also a certified coach as well.

Omar Khamissa’s latest book, Secret Strength: Unleash The Unstoppable Woman Within, was released in April 2016 to commemorate her fiftieth birthday.

Fatima has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the government of Canada and the government of Ontario for her positive contribution, tenacious character, and tireless efforts.

Listen to her story in her own words below.


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