UK: Corbyn compares PM May with Henry VIII

Mr Corbyn said the PM 'cannot hide behind Henry VIII'After wishing a Happy Hanukkah to country’s Jewish community on Twitter the UK’s opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn irked the country’s Jewish Lobby by accusing kosher PM Theresa May of behaving like old-time English autocratic monarch King Henry VIII (1491-1547) because of her refusal to commit to put the Brexit deal to vote in parliament.

I’m sure Corbyn knows the reasons behind May’s dragging her Zionist feet on Brexit, because former prime minister David Cameron admitted that the UK played of an Israeli mole in European Union.

Anyone who has followed Theresa May’s political career would tell you she is a typical Israel’s Zionist bitch. May as country’s home secretary banned French top comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala entering United Kingdom because Jews hate him for supporting Hamas and Iran.

On Friday, Theresa May scolded outgoing US secretary of state John Kerry for criticizing Israel’s settlement expansion policy.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of antisemitism by country’s Jewish groups and Blairite for calling Hamas and Iran good guys even before he won the leadership of UK’s Labour party. His comparison of Theresa May with King Henry VIII borders antisemitism as Italian Rabbi Isaac Halfon was the one who blessed Henry VIII’s divorce of Queen Katherine of Aragon. The reigning Catholic Pope Julius II was against the marriage in the first place, which forced the King to ban Catholic religion in England and declared Protestant Christianity as England’s official religion.

Incidentally, Katherine of Aragon was daughter of Spain’s King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who sent Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón in Spanish) to liberate Jerusalem City from Muslim occupation.

British Marxist writer, blogger (Lenin’s Tomb), and author of book, Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics, Richard Seymour PhD claims that the success of Jeremy Corbyn over the political cadavers of the Blairites was largely a response to British politics becoming less and less democratic. Seymour nevertheless warns against Corbyn being “encircled” and “chewed up” by entrenched governing elites even if he achieves state power.

I must remind the readers that Richard Seymour is one of the most hated British writers by the pro-Israel lobbyists for his admiration of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah, and his criticism of Islamophobia in Britain and the rest western world. The Organized Jewry has accused Seymour for defending financial support for Holocaust revisionist Dr. David Irving – and saying: “I think the killing of occupation soldiers is more than understandable – it is an absolute necessity.”

Harry J. Bentham, British blogger and author has criticized the open cannon of antisemitism to silence genuine criticism of Israel and Zionism is cracking British society and not country’s largest Muslim minority.

There is a view among some supporters of Israel in Labour and moreover in the political leadership of Britain that boycotts of Israel and anti-Zionism in the Labour Party should be prohibited. In their distorted and narrow view, it seems this defeat for anti-Israel activists will result in fewer extremist sermons and fewer suicide attacks. The unfortunate reality is that extremism will increase tenfold,” says Bentham.

To ban boycotts and stifle criticism of Israel in Britain’s democracy, although only hypothetical at this point, would be against diversity. It would be against tolerance and against moderate views and opinions among Muslims, and will destabilize British society, even creating escalating violence in coming decades. It is also likely that the Muslim population will then grow in even greater isolation from politics, while believers in “democracy” shrink, during such a period. Faith in democracy will be lost, and, once censored and prohibited from the democratic Opposition, youths will be more likely to choose the path of violence rather than debate,” adds Bentham.


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