Clooney: From ‘Save Darfur’ to ‘Syrian White Helmets’

Hollywood actor/director, and Israeli Mossad agent George Clooney, became western media idol for co-founding the so-called ‘Humanitarian NGO’ Save Darfur which donated $50 million toward building illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem during the Western war on Sudan (2004-2011).

Last week, George Clooney, a Zionist Jew, announced a plan to produce a film on Syria’s White Helmets, a CIA-MI6-Mossad funded ‘humanitarian’ group which operates only within Syrian areas occupied by pro-Israel ISIS, al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda terrorists. Clooney’s finance partner is Israeli film-producer Grant Hezlov, and partner at the Smokehouse Pictures. The two Zionist Jewish oligarch produced the 2013 anti-Iranian Oscar-winning Argo, a film many activists believe was timed to prestage public opinion against a nuclear settlement with Iran.

Clooney’s Lebanese-British wife Amal Clooney (a Christian Druze) is a lawyer. Her clients include not only Julian Assange, whose Mossad ties were exposed in 2010 by Zbigniew Brzezinski but also former Ukrainian Jewish prime minister Julia Tymoshenko, a strong supporter of NATO who had openly advocated Holocaust of Russian by using nuclear weapons.

The White Helmets, ‘West’s Syrian Rescue Group’, which paints a humanitarian face on US-Israeli fascism in Syria, was founded in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, who graduated from Britain’s elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. He is said to be an ‘ex’ British military intelligence officer involved in a number of other NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ theatres of war, including Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq, as well as postings in Lebanon and Palestine. He also has ties with CIA, MI6, Mossad and notorious Blackwater.

The White Helmets was created with the help of Purpose Inc, a pro-Israel US company specializing in regime change NGO operations. Purpose Inc is also behind Avaaz which early on peddled fake war on Syria video propaganda. The White Helmets are financed, like all the so-called Free Syrian Army media propaganda, by $23 million USAID and £23 million from the UK Foreign Office. The Netherlands and Japan also donated money to the scheme to bring an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus.

The White Helmets leader Raed Saleh who was not allowed to enter United States to receive an award from InterAction in April 2016, for faking humanitarian work during day light and helping pro-Israel terrorists during night-time, is an Israeli-born dude who loves Israel but has some problem with the Zionism.


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