Toronto Hindu sisters arrested in Nigeria for extortion

sisters-narrow1Three weeks ago, two Hindu sisters Jyoti and Kiran Mathroo from Toronto were arrested in Lagos, Nigeria, for allegedly trying to blackmail one of Nigeria’s oligarch, Femi Otedola, 54.

According to Lagos press, the two sisters threatened the billionaire claiming they had evidence of businessman Femi Otedola cheating on his wife Nana Otedola, and that they would post on a notorious sex-scandal website. Forbes magazine’s list of 2016 billionaires says Otedola made his money in the energy sector (Forte Oil); it estimates his net worth at $1.8 billion. Otedola owns more than 500 gas stations in Nigeria.

Femi Otedola belongs to the family of late Sir Michael Otedola, a former Governor of Lagos state (1992-93).

A statement published on Politics Nigeria says the two created a website as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts which they have employed to execute “humiliation and cyber bullying of some 274 persons, mostly based in various regions of Africa.”

femi1The source said the sisters were arrested after they tried to extort one of Nigeria’s richest men. A raid on the women netted laptops and iPads that allegedly contained information about different people, including videotapes of men having sex with them.

On December 23, the sisters appeared at Yaba chief magistrate court to face charges of cyber-bullying, blackmail, and extortion. Both pleaded not guilty and the case was adjourned to January 26, 2017.

Read more about this sex scandal here.


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