Pakistan-China-Russia agrees to expand talks on Afghanistan

2cd9d1d7bb30511eb4cd517c131ae148_XL[1]On Tuesday, representatives of Pakistan, China and Russia met in Moscow to discuss the Afghan conflict without inviting Afghan and Indian officials. This has irked governments of Ashraf Ghani and Narendra Modi which are united against Pakistan for latter’s active support for Taliban.

Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni, a spokesman for the Afghan Foreign Ministry, said Tuesday that regardless of the intentions of the participants, excluding Kabul from the talks would not help the situation in the country. He called the conference illegitimate and dubious.

The reality on the ground on the other hand, shows that there will never be a peace in Afghanistan without Taliban participation in such talks.

Early this month, Ashraf Ghani while attending an international conference called by India’s mass murderer Narendra Modi, said : “Taliban would not last even one month without Pakistan’s support.”

In response to Ghani’s whining, Pakistan, China, and Russia announced on Tuesday that they would expand their tripartite consultations on Afghanistan conflict and include other neighboring countries such as Iran and India.

United States had felt upset being excluded from Russia-Iran-Turkey alliance against its illegitimate baby ISIS, and is now uncomfortable over being left out from the three-way deliberations on the situation in Afghanistan which it invaded in October 2001 to divert world attention from the real terrorists behind the September 11, 2001 attacks – Israel.

US-NATO is fighting its longest war in Afghanistan to destabilize three Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran) which refuse to accept Jewish occupation of Palestine. United States wants an anti-China-Russia, but pro-India regime in Kabul. Russia, which was defeated in Afghanistan two decades ago, is interested not only to take revenge on US-NATO occupation forces but also to stop Washington its proxy terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS in using Afghanistan as a launching-pad to destabilized Muslim lands occupied by Russia.

Pakistan was the first Muslim country to recognize communist China in 1950. Pakistan also played a crucial role in ice-breaking between China and United States and US president Nixon’s visit to China in 1972. Since then, China has become Pakistan’s most trusted ally in peace and war. China has invested billions of dollar in Gwadar Port in Balochistan as China’s trade corridor to the world.

To counter China’s ambitions, United States have force India to fund Iran’s Chabahar Port to the tune of $16.5 billion. The port located about 1,800 kilometers south of Tehran – is more than just a port with an adjoining free trade zone. But, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is much bigger and viable project than Iran’s Chahbahar. If Pakistan develops the project with speed, efficiency and transparency, it needs not be worried about Chabahar.


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