Romania: Thou shalt not have a Muslim PM

epa05684454 (FILE) A file picture dated 21 May 2015 showing Sevil Shhaideh (L) shaking hands with Liviu Dragnea (R), the leader of PSD (Social Democracy Party), Bucharest, Romania. PSD party won the parliamentary elections held on 11 December, and together with ALDE (The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Romania) has the majority in Romanian parliament. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea appointed 21 December 2016 Romanian economist Sevil Shhaideh, 52, as designated Prime Minister. Shhaideh, former Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration in 2015, shall be proposed first by Romania's President, and after that must pass the governing programme through the parliament, before swearing-in as the new premier in charge. EPA/ALEX MICSIK

On Tuesday, pro-Israel president of Romania Klaus Iohannis rejected PSD-ALDE nomination of country’s first female and Muslim Sevil Shhaideh as country’s new prime minister under Jewish pressure. Klaus Iohannis gave no reasons for his rejection of Sevil Shhaideh, but there was speculation that it was due to her Syrian husband’s support for Assad and Hizbullah.

Romania’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) which won largest seats (221) in the recent election. Together with their longtime ally, the ALDE grouping, the PSD has an outright majority of 250 seats out of parliament’s 465 seats assembly, which means under country’s constitution, they have the right to choose the next prime minister to replace the defeated PM Dacian Ciolos.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea who is unable to lead the government being under investigation, nominated former female cabinet minister Sevil Shhaideh for country’s new prime minister. But the nomination has rekindled old Muslim hatred of country’s Christian majority when Ottoman Sultans used to decide who should rule Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia.

Sevil Shhaideh, 52, an agronomist by profession, comes from Crimean Tatar-Turkish Muslim family roots. She is married to Syrian businessman Akram Shhaideh. Liviu Dragnea was a witness at their wedding, which took place in 2011. She is neither a politician or MP.

Romania recognized the Zionist entity three weeks after it was established by Allied Powers in 1948. In order to populate Arab land with European Jews, Romania sold 235,000 Jews to Israel during 1960-1989 for cash and arms.

Liviu Dragnea has accused president Klaus Iohannis for dragging his approval under pressure from former Romanian president Traian Basescu, a close ally of Benjamin Netanyahu. Basescu visited Israel twice as president. During his last year visit, he told Netanyahu that he always considered Israel as his second home. During his meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, Basescu asked the PA leader to recognize Israel as a ‘Jewish state’.

Basescu warned Iohannis to think twice before naming Shhaideh as prime minister, despite her good reputation as a bureaucrat. He pointed out to the fact that her husband worked for the Syrian agriculture ministry for 20 years adding that this was the most that I can publicly say about this.

Basescu asked Dragnea to nominate someone else to spare Iohannis from making an unsuitable nomination for Prime Minister for the sake of political stability.

The pro-Israel RISE Project has dug several anti-Israel skeletons in Sevil Shhaideh’s husband’s closet.

  1. Her husband is a supporter of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad who has been target of a US-sponsored regime change for Israel for the last five years.
  2. On his social accounts, Akram Shhaideh praised and shared the posts of the page called Only God, Syria and Bashar.
  3. On his social accounts, he also shared an article which claims that the leader of Hizbullah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah leads a ‘jihad’ to defend Lebanon against Israel army. Hizbullah is the only Arab militia which had defeated Israeli army in 2000 and 2006.

Under Romanian constitution presidency is not ceremonial. The country’s president also heads defense and justice ministries.


8 responses to “Romania: Thou shalt not have a Muslim PM

  1. It’s a little more complex and also richer than this.
    1. Romania has repeatedly been characterized by Jews in various media as historically the most anti-semitic country in Europe, with arguments like the Legion of Archangel Michael (led by charismatic Corneliu Codreanu in the 30s) — a spontaneous, nationalistic organization (not inspired/brought in by German occupation as in other places), which was virulently anti-Jewish and had enormous popular appeal for historical reasons that space here doesn’t allow to elaborate on.
    2. For the above reason, when Romania (after the coup that led to the fall of the communist regime) changed its Soviet masters for Anglo-zinoist ones and became a “democracy,” it came under special attention for ‘re-education.” Elie Wiesel (a “native son” from Transylvania with deep grudges and anti-Romanian hatred) set up shop in Bucharest and created his own institute to combat “anti-semitism” all to be subsidized by the Romanian taxpayers. When Romania passed the gag laws that punish “anti-semitic manifestations” with prison, Wiesel protested that the laws were too lenient so, to please him, Romania became the only European country that passed a second set of gag laws to supplement the first…
    3. Despite all this, Romanians continue to be hard to re-educate and resist viewing any Muslim as a threat. Thus, Dr Arafat, a naturalized Palestinian who has been living in Romania for many years and who is credited with having created the best medical emergency system in all Eastern Europe became so respected and trusted, not only for his professional skills but also for his integrity and impeccable moral values, that a popular movement arose to convince him to run for the post of Prime Minister. He refused, explaining that he is not interested in politics. Then they tried to convince him to accept the position of Minister of Health– this was supported by some politicians (opportunists who tried to ride on the coattails of Arafat’s deep popular appeal.) He refused again: he did not want to be an administrator; he only wanted to be directly involved in improving medical care.
    3. In this context, there is no surprise in either the popularity and appreciation of Sevil Shhaideh, or in the Jewish frustration with the Romanians’ lack of understanding the many forms that “anti-semitism” can take. The Schwab president is a well-traimed seal– he performs as taught, which is ironic, because the popularity he enjoyed that led him to be elected was based on his reputation of moral integrity back when he was the mayor of town in Transylvania…
    Finally, it must be understood that the Romanians refusal to accept “refugees” has nothing to do with their religion and in no way reflects on any presumed islamophobia, although the new masters try hard to give it some traction. In fact Romania’s history of being a vassal of the Ottoman empire is being viewed by Romanians as an Ottoman (not an Islamic) plague. Even so, today’s Romanians bear no grudges to today’s Turks, not believing in the “sins of the fathers” concept.

  2. According to the article you link to, they fear the projected “mega mosque” would attract more immigrants, which they do not want (and for good reason).
    Furthermore, using your rationale, the Turks must be the most anti-Christian and racist people because they don’t allow a church to be built in Istanbul. Methinks what’s good for the Christian goose is good for the muslim gander:

    ” The original deal called for a “mutual exchange” in which Romania would build a new Orthodox Church in Istanbul, while Turkey would build the mosque in Bucharest.
    In July 2015, however, Ponta revealed that the Romanian government had abandoned the Istanbul church project because it is “not allowed under Turkish law.”

    • Wrong again. The most anti-Christians are the Israeli Jews who hasn’t let a single church built since 1948 – but that didn’t stop the Christian goose and gander in licking J-AZZs every day.

      If you ever visit Turkey, as I did, you will find the country dotted with old and new churches especially the Polish Christians some of whom converted to Islam and held high military and civil positions under Ottoman empire.

      There is no anti-church or anti-synagogue law in Turkey. In order to please their European masters, the Kemalist Generals even turned the historic Aya (Hagia) Sophia Mosque into a museum decades ago.

      I suggest you study Muslim history from some objective source before spewing your White Christian hatred of Islam and Muslims.

  3. I am not interested in studying Muslim history and I am not “spewing [my] White Christian hatred of Islam and Muslims” as you trenchantly declare. I am QUOTING from the link YOU attached.
    And I have visited Turkey and yes, I was impressed by the care with which they guard the little church near Ephesus where Mary is supposed to have found shelter and by the Turks’ invariably hospitable reception. You are barking up the wrong tree here, I have no idea why.

  4. I don’t make any claim to wisdom, nor am I representative of Christianity. I happen to be Eastern Orthodox and I happen to be partial to COMMON SENSE. I think the world would be a far better place in matters of religion if people treated each other’s religion with respect, none trying to convince the others that their religion is wrong and in need of “reform” and demeaning it. This particular campaign is led by organized Jewry against both Islam and Christianity. There is nary a Muslim voice (I do not consider the wahhabis/takfirirs as Muslims) joining the Jews in their assault on Christianity. There are, sadly, lots of voices purporting to be Christian (the oxymoronic Christian zionists) joining the Jewish-led assault on Islam. Understanding what’s under the proverbial wood pile and not allowing ourselves to be led astray is a matter of survival for all.
    I don’t understad your question asking me to compare myself to Trump(???) Perhaps you’d care to clarify.

  5. Christians are terribly persecuted in Muslim countries, whether Islamic states:

    Rehmat’s response – I love your You Tube bigotry. Islamic State of Iran has two parliament seats reserved for Christians. Late Saddam Hussein had six Christian cabinet ministers and vice-president Tariq Aziz while Christian made only 5% of Iraqi population. Majority of military Generals in Indonesia belongs to Christian minority (11%). Pakistan has the best history of tolerance toward Christian minority (3%).

    But I never found Christians from pope to John Hagee, shamelessly lying about plight of Christian minorities in Muslim countries. Even the so-called anti-Christian Saudi regime – allows 54,000 ARAMCO Christian employees to have bars, brothel, cinema, and night club inside ARAMCO colony.

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