India and Israel united in ‘occupation, caste and racism’

flags-india-israel[2]Indian and Israeli societies are based on caste and racism. In fact, hatred of Muslims and Islam unites Hindu and Jew extremists ruling India and the Zionist entity.

Both India and Israel are famous for discrimination against women, and rape culture.

India and Israel are both colonial powers. Both are occupying Muslim lands. India has annexed 60% of Jammu and Kashmir Valley by force and has made the valley a ‘killing field’ for the Muslim-majority by stationing 700,000 Hindu and Sikh soldiers in the occupied valley.

Israel’s history is even worse than India. It was created on 78% of historic Palestine in 1948 by European Jewish terrorist organization. Since then the Jews have maintained their colonial empire by terrorizing its Western allies and the Palestinian living in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Priti Gulati Cox is an American artist, one of the organizers of CODEPINK, and blogger. She had lived in India for many years. Last week, she was interviewed by Muslim Press. She discussed the caste (Jati in Hindi) system, Indian and Jewish occupations of Kashmir and Palestine, discrimination against women and capitalism.

The situation in Kashmir is similar in a sense to the situation in Palestine, arising as it does from an arbitrary partition of territory by colonial powers. But it’s different in that most people know very little about Kashmir, while much more has been said and written about Palestine over the past half-century. The push for self-determination in Kashmir goes back, in fact, to the same time period as the creation of Israel, to 1947, India’s independence from British rule, and the subsequent partition of India and Pakistan. Following the partition, a plebiscite was supposed to be held to determine the fate of Jammu and Kashmir. That never happened, and things snowballed from there,” she says.

The military occupation of Kashmir, like the Israeli occupation of Palestine, translates to the active participation of the occupying population keeping silent on atrocities being committed on a daily basis by “security” forces, and the various forms of collective punishment,” she added.

Inequality exists in societies all across the globe. Designed by Brahmanism (which came before Hinduism), the caste system is a uniquely cruel and immutable version of this phenomenon because it has been conveniently sanctioned by the Hindu religion,” she added.

People in the West like to think of India as this great land of psychedelic spirituality that introduced Gandhi and the spirit of non-violence to the world. That’s such a farce because the country’s own backyard is a landscape littered with systemic cultural violence,” she said.

My favorite Canadian writer and author, Greg Felton speaks about the UNSC’s recent condemnation of the Zionist entity below.


6 responses to “India and Israel united in ‘occupation, caste and racism’

  1. Difference is illegal immigrant aliens installed that system in Palestine – in India it was done by their own.

  2. Wrng. islam is the binding factor not because if hate, but because Islam hates us both.Muslims have been highly intolerant and hate filled, the reason due to which they are hated.

    • So tell me Moshe – why after 1,000 year Muslim rule in India – Muslims are still in minority – while your Jew brothers became a majority in occupied Palestine in 68 years??

  3. because, most muslims from India left for Pakistam, and ths remaining makes a “minority” in India. in pak, hindus are in the worst state.

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