UK: Prince Charles irks Jewish Lobby

charles_prince_of_wales1UK’s Crown Prince Charles has warned that the rise of religious bigotry and racists like Donald Trump in United States, Marine Le Pen in France, and Dutch Geert Wilder could prompt the West to return to the dark days of 1930s.

Speaking on a pre-recorded broadcast for BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day, the Prince reflected on the scale of persecution of minority faiths across the globe.

We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive to those who adhere to a minority faith. All of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s,” said Charles.

Prince Charles then kicked the Organized Jewry by mentioning Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to prove his point that this is not the first time Muslim minorities are targeted by the Christians and Jews.

We might also remember that when the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship,” said Charles.

Prince Charles is no ‘Jew hater’. He attended the funeral of war-criminal Shimon Peres in September 2016 wearing his ‘royal kippah’. Prince Charles has just been crowned as ‘Patron of Holocaust Industry’ after Queen Elizabeth decided to resign that post after three decades.

American journalist Catherine Mayer, author of Prince Charles biography (2015), Charles: The Heart of a King, has claimed that Prince Charles would be declared King of Jews once he take over the Throne.

On November 21, 2016, Yaron London in Op-Ed at Israeli newspaper YNet said that Western White supremacist groups and individuals who support President-elect Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim and non-White immigration views, are in fact Israel’s allies as long as they don’t call for the mass expulsion of American Jews like Muslims.

A world view which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests. If Trump’s people are more disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews, we have struck quite a good deal. Trump and his friends see Israel as a forefront against the barbarians, and they are not exactly very observant,” wrote London.

I would like to end this post by wishing a Happy and Prosperous Christmas holiday to all my Christian readers.



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