Chutzpah: US backs Iran-Russia-Turkey ‘Syria Accord’

JSIL[1]On December 20, foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, and Turkey met in Moscow. They adopted a Declaration on the immediate steps to promote the settlement of the five-year-old Syrian bloodshed started by the US-Israel created ISIS/ISIL to bring-in an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus.

United States, the ‘Guardian of Israel’ was mad like hell to be left out of the peace negotiations. CIA with the help of Israeli Mossad carried out assassination of Russian ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov in order to sabotage these talks.

Humiliated and frustrated John Kirby, spokesman for US secretary of state John Kerry, a secret Jew, said on Tuesday that Washington would support the outcome of the trilateral talks between Iran, Russia and Turkey, provided that they lead to the betterment of the Syrian people and regional stability.

If the discussions that they had today (Tuesday) in Moscow can lead to real, practical effects, that’s all to the good. That’s for the betterment of the Syrian people and regional stability, and we would welcome that,” Kirby told reporters.

Answering a question on why the US was not invited to the talks, he said, “Well, they can speak for who they want involved or not. I mean, we recognize that we weren’t invited, that this was between Russia, Turkey, and Iran.”

Interestingly, John Kirby, like Barack Obama, is not trusted by the Organized Jewry. Last year, American Jewish traitor Rep. Lee M. Zeldin (R-NY) demanded that John Kerry should fire John Kirby for criticizing the Zionist regime.

On December 22, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in a meeting with Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari in Damascus said that “the liberation of the strategic city of Aleppo from the terrorists is a victory not just for his country, but also for Iran and Russia.”

Syrian army has been supported by Iran and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah since 2012. Russia started supporting Syrian army over a year ago. Russian involvement was hailed by Benjamin Netanyahu who feared ISIS defeat in Syria and Iraq would boost Iranian influence in those two Arab nations.

On March 17, 2016, Yaroslav Trofimov in an Op-Ed at the Jewish Wall Street Journal admitted that Israeli regime doesn’t fear ISIS/ISIL in Syria or Iraq but Iran’s rise as the regional power.


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