Did Rudy Giuliani just deny 9/11 story?

Before nominating multimillionaire Rex Wayne Tillerson as secretary of state, Jewish president-elect Donald Trump was considering former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Guiliani for the post. The Jewish Lobby is not happy with Tillerson selection because as EXXON CEO, he has very good relation with Gulf oil producing states. Israeli propagandists fear that like Barack Obama and CIA director John Brennan (here), Tillerson could be a ‘secret Muslim’.

Rudy Giuliani did a great job in hiding Israeli fingerprints from September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. After stepping down as Mayor, Rudy tried to launch himself as a national political leader based on his great service to Jews and the Zionist entity. But in the end, he failed to convince the public that he was not a culprit in 9/11 tragedy himself.

In case some readers don’t know – on the day of 9/11, while the remains of the twin towers and WTC7 were still smoldering, one of Mayor Giuliani’s first concern was clearing away evidence from the crime scene. The City used 120 trucks to remove 1.5 million tons of debris from the so-called Ground Zero over night (watch video below).

It seems, finally, Rudy Giuliani’s Judo-Christian conscious caught hold of him or someone tried to put truth into it.

A word about 9/11. To those who believe the “official story”, you have been duped. You have been conned. And if you want to look in the right direction, don’t look at Saudi Arabia or bin Laden. That’s a nice little distraction. And look carefully at the tower structures and ask questions about how they fell. This is one of the greatest cover ups of all of history,” Giuliani posted on his twitter account on December 20, 2016 (watch below).



2 responses to “Did Rudy Giuliani just deny 9/11 story?

  1. No way is it genuine. It is clearly a hacker’s job. To even suggest that Giuliani and “conscience” belong in the same sentence is a joke. Some one had fun with his Twitter account. Of course,, if asked he’d say it was … the Russians.

  2. Lasse Wilhelmson

    Jepp, it just does´t make sense …

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