Salvation Army has a ‘Jewish Problem’!

screenshot2011-03-11at44614pm1London-based Salvation Army was founded by Gen. William Booth in 1865. It is structured on quasi-military style. Under the British colonial power, it became world’s largest Christian (Protestant) charity with branches around the world.

During Christmas session one finds Salvation Army volunteers wearing red Santa hats and aprons ringing bell and asking donations for spreading Christianity through charitable work in poor countries like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, south Sudan, Afghanistan, Israel, and many other places.

But thanks to the Jewish Lobby, from now on the things are about to change because it has found SA confidential statement titled “Reaching Jews With the Gospel,”in which Salvation Army declares that “Israel has largely forsaken its place within the care and special purposes of God.”

Let’s not tell Donald Trump and his pro-Israel White Christian appointees that preaching Gospel is a crime in the Zionist entity.

If you think that’s bad – think twice or rather three times. Salvation Army also discriminates against LGBT and its Jew employees. For example, in 2012, Andrew Craibe, media relation director for SA Australia said gay people should be put to death. Everyone should condemn such antisemitism.

On February 21, 2014, Paul Seiler, Midwest commissioner in a memo to SA employees said that the organization doesn’t recognize the same-sex marriage.

In 2004, Anne Lown, a Jewish woman from Boston who worked at Salvation Army for nearly 25 years, was fired for refusing to sign forms swearing loyalty to group’s Christian principles.

Last year, Jewish leaders in Germany urged protestants to confront and condemn the anti-Jewish statements of Rev. Martin Luther (1483-1546), a German monk, who began Protestant Reformation of Catholic Church over 500 years ago.

The Organized Jewry is well-known in finding hatred towards Jews in almost every statement since the so-called “crucifixion” of Jesus. For example, Salvation Army’s statement like Pope Francis’ claim that Christians Salvation is through Jewish people that never existed during the time of Jesus.

The said statement reminds Christians “of the continued place of the Jewish people in the divine plan of redemption,” and by fighting anti-Semitism “in society in general” and “in the Church specifically.”

I suggest Salvation Army should hire John Hagee or Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby as consultant to understand the crazy-glue which bonds Christianity with Judaism.

British prime minister Theresa May has just declared that criticism of Jewish actions would be considered Hate Crime in United Kingdom.

Mary Shaw, Philadelphia-based writer and activist has shown her contempt of Salvation Army (here, here). Please don’t ask me why? But it could make many people boycott the charity.


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