US: Russia supports Taliban!

Even though, US president-elect Donald Trump has filled his administration with pro-Israel Jews and anti-Muslim White Supremacists – the Jewish Lobby refuses to forgive him for showing his love for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump has not received any praise for his hatred toward Iran or China.

Recently, the Fake News whores have blamed Russia for supporting Taliban who have been fighting against US-NATO occupation since October 8, 2001.

Alexey Dedov, Russian ambassador in Islamabad has debunked the allegation in an interview last week – calling the Western allegations as fantasies that Russia is assisting the Taliban in their fight against US-led forces in Afghanistan.

We have never ever provided any kind of assistance to Taliban,” the ambassador said. Instead, he said, Russia is assisting the Afghan government and has granted some light weapons to its forces and is running programs to train Afghan police and military personnel in Russian institutions.

Dedov insisted that Moscow strongly supports the Afghan peace and reconciliation process, saying improvement in the situation in security in Afghanistan is in the interest of Russia.

On December 4, 2016, while attending a ministerial conference in Amritsar (India), Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, the US-India poodle, blamed Pakistan, Iran, and Russia for the bloodshed in his country. He asserted that Taliban who controls nearly 80% of Afghan territory “wouldn’t last one month without Pakistan’s support.”

Taliban victories in the recent years have alarmed Russian and Chinese governments which fear that US could broaden its Daesh terrorist operation inside northern Afghan provinces, which border former Soviet Central Asian states.

Soviet Russia, was a staunch ally of India against Pakistan since 1950s. Moscow was the largest arms supplier to India during all major India-Pakistan wars including the demise of East Pakistan in 1971. However, in recent years, India under Modi regime has joined the US block which has forced Moscow to rethink its policy toward Pakistan.

Contrary to Soviet long love affaire with India – China which considers India a regional threat, has always maintained friendly relations with Pakistan. Pakistan was the first Muslim-majority nation to recognize communist China in 1950 and refused to recognize US-occupied Taiwan. It was Pakistan which negotiated presiden Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972.

Both Soviet Russia and China have long viewed Pakistan as a ‘corridor’ via Gawadar (Balochistan) to reach Persian Sea for its year-round trade with the outside world. This was the reason Red Army invaded and occupied Afghanistan in 1979 which turned out to Moscow’s Vietnam. Afghan Mujahideen resisted Soviet Jewish/communist occupation for nine year – forcing the Red army to withdraw from Afghanistan in February 1989.

Both Afghanistan (2001), and Iraq (2003) were invaded not for oil but for Israel.


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