WP: Virgin Mary insults rape victim

It’s Christmas session and the Organized Jewry has already declared its annual War on Christmas.

On December 16, 2016, Jewish Washington Post published an Op-Ed, entitled, Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim that hurts me. The author of the filth is Ruth Everhart, a Presbyterian Zionist pastor at a small church in Bethesda, Maryland. She titled the same article on her personal blog, as The Virgin Mary & Me.

I’ll speak for myself. I was raised in the church and taught to be a good girl, by which I mean obedient, quiet and sexually pure. That worked reasonably well until I was 20. During my senior year of college, my housemates and I were the victims of a home invasion. The intruders held us for hours and took turns raping us at gunpoint. The next year of our lives revolved around the criminal-justice system,” Everhart wrote.

She doesn’t care to prove that it was her personal behavior, how sexually she dressed-up, which may had invited a bunch of college boys raised under ‘Western values’ to enter her college residence and enjoyed sex together. But the good pastor blame Virgin Mary for the accident. I wonder if it’s Everhart’s first ‘blissful’ experience as according to church reports 31% of American school girls encounter that experience between ages 11 and 13.

But some ‘civilized westerners’ don’t feel ashamed to wash their dirty laundry in public. Is that not asking for attention and more affirmation of a self-manufactured victim status?

I feel pity for her as a woman by questioning the very core of Christian faith while pretending to be an ordained Christian pastor. Don’t you smell a Talmudic skunk?

Last year, I posted the story of professor Julie Macfarlane (University of Windsor, Ontario), who as a teenager performed oral sex on her pastor because she was convinced by the pastor that’s what Christian God wanted from her. But thanks G-d Macfarlane didn’t blame Virgin Mary for her stupidity.

On December 18, 2016, US-based Israel advocacy group, Gatestone Institute, issued a warning, entitled, Europe: Christmas Shoppers in Jihadist Crosshairs. George Igler, the Zionist Jew author of the warning is based on Jewish Newsweek magazine.

The Gatestone Institute, was founded by Jewish millionaire Nina Rosenwald, aka The Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate.

Interestingly, this year, both Christmas and Jewish Hanukkah fall on the same day. They say it happens after every 25 year (here).

Holy Qur’an has glorified Saint Mary by dedicating an entire chapter Surah Maryam. Watch below an Iranian documentary on her.


One response to “WP: Virgin Mary insults rape victim

  1. The Zionsation of Christianity and its hierarchy has been a multi-century project designed to neutralise the Christian faith & render Christianity a joke. With the exception of the Eastern Christian churches (esp Russian and Greek) it has largely succeeded. 100 marks to the Russian churches who despite Little Georgie Sorrows (Soros) attempts thru filth like Pussy Riot have stood firm against Talmudic attempts to corrupt it. Despite the black out on reporting by Western media the most vibrant inter-faith and academic dialogue between Christianity and Islam is taking place between the Eastern Russian Orthodox Churches and Islamic ulama. Worth noting that it was out of the conference in Chechnya in 2016 that Salafism and ISIS-ism (and by logical deduction that British Intel service invention called Wahabism) was announced to be outside of Islam.

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