Wal-Mart stops selling ‘got hitler?’ mug

Wal-Mart has been forced to remove an offensive mug.

On Friday, the Zionist Jew-controlled US shopping empire Wal-Mart was forced to remove got hitler? mugs from its online store after a fierce backlash from the Organized Jewry declaring the merchandize being insult to victims of Holocaust.

I never understood why the Organized Jewry is so allergic to Adolf Hitler. Historically, the Fuhrer was not only admired by German Jews and Jewish terrorist militia Irgun – he loved Jews too. For example, his first sweetheart Stefanie Isak was Jewish. UK’s Jewish Daily Mail (April 4, 2014) even claimed that Hitler’s lover and wife, Eva Braun, also had Jewish family roots. Hitler had a number of Jews as senior army and propaganda officials. His personal banker and shrink were both Jewish.

In 2014, an Israeli Jew, Shimon Rahamim, claimed that by accident he found a rare article in which Adolf Hitler praised Jews. The said article was published in Hebrew-language Doar Hayom newspaper, on August 8, 1924. The article discusses Hitler’s role as leader of the Nationalist Germans, and said that in an interview with a German publication, he had expressed his warm feelings for the Jewish people.

In October 2015, the ‘king’ of 100 million Zionists, Benjamin Netanyahu absolved Hitler of Holocaust. He told the 37th World Zionist Congress that Adolf Hitler only wanted to expel the German Jews, but he was advised by Mufti al-Haj Amin al-Husseini of Palestine (d. 1974 in Lebanon) to exterminate the Jews.

Israel-born Palestinian Lucy Aharish is the only TV newscaster in the Zionist entity. Though born to a Muslim father and Christian mother, she claims her religion is Zionism. On December 15, she switched from Hebrew to English to make a damning confession. She claimed that Syrian army and its allies are committing Holocaust in Aleppo. In other words she too absolved Hitler of Holocaust (watch her blast below).

I am ashamed as a human being that we chose leaders who are incapable of being articulate in their condemnation and powerful in their action,” she said. “I am ashamed that the Arab world is being taken hostage by terrorists and murderers and that we are not doing anything. I am ashamed that the peaceful majority of humanity is irrelevant once again,” she said.

I wonder why she forgot to praise her Zionist entity for providing medical-care to the rebels occupying Aleppo for the last four years.


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