Maria Toorpakai: Pakistani girl liberated by the West

Image result for Maria Toorpakai Wazir was born into a Pashtun family in Waziristan (Pakistan). She turned out to be a tomboy and was interested in sports at very young age. She had the blessings of her father, but as part of Pashtun tribal traditions, she couldn’t participate in sports considered to be for boys.

In order to join her brothers in sports, she cut her hairs, burned her clothes and put-on his brother’s clothes. Disguised as a boy, she played with slingshots and ride her bike with boys in the neighborhood. Before start playing squash, Maria even tried her ‘boyish’ talents at weightlifting.

Maria maintained her secret till she was 16. Now 26, she lives and train in Toronto, Canada.

American film director, writer, and producer Erin Heidenreich has filmed 80-minute documentary, GIRL UNBOUND, premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Her film takes the audience from Toronto, where Maria practices with former squash champion Jonathon Power, to her family in Islamabad and meet her hijab-wearing sister Ayesha Gulalai Wazir, a member of Pakistan National Assembly representing Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party (watch a video below).

The 272-member Pakistan National Assembly has 60 reserved seats for women and 10 for the non-Muslim minorities (Christians and Hindus).

In April 2016, Maria was interviewed by Pakistan’s newspaper DAWN (here).

The sad part of Maria’s story is that she has been turned into another Malala Yousafzai scam by the Jewish-controlled media to demonize Pakistan, Taliban, and Islam. So Maria like the West’s mockingbird Malala, needs to be made female victim of Taliban.

Several Western investigative journalists have claimed that women were better-off under Taliban-rule than US occupation.

These media whores also hate to tell their readers that why Maria would come to Canada to ‘enhance’ her squash skills when the game itself is known as Pakistani Khan Game in Canada?

We all know how Western leaders love to liberate women in Muslim lands by invading, occupying and murdering hundreds of thousands of women and children while keeping millions of women and small girls as sex objects in the West.

United States tops the world’s prostitution industry under which 100,000 new prostitutes are added annually. An American is sexually abused every 98 seconds. Germany has Street Sex Meters but Muslim refugees are blamed for rapping innocent White street hookers. France’ First Lady Valérie Trierweiler is not married to Jewish president Francois Hollande, but his sexpot.

Maria is not the first Pakistan female sports star. There are many others who have excelled in this field including Namira Salim, the only female explorer to travel to both north and south poles, Sana Mir, captain of Pakistan’s all-women cricket team, Naseem Hameed, south Asia’s fastest woman, Samina Baig, world’s youngest mountaineer, Hajra Khan, a world-class soccer player, Twinkle Sohail, the gold medalist at 2015 Asian Bench Press Championship, Ifrah Wali and Amina Wali, the skiing sisters, and others (here).

Barack Obama has classified Waziristan, the most dangerous place in the world, in order to justify his drone war to terrorize civilians who sympathize with Taliban fighting US-NATO occupation of neighboring Afghanistan.


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