Aleppo: Zionist Mafia defeated

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]On Thursday, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad congratulated his nation over the liberation of Aleppo from the hands of foreign Zionazi mercenaries after four years.

The defense ministers of United States (Ashton Carter) Britain (Michael Fallon), Israel (Avigdor Liberman), and France (Le Drian) cried foul and called for the removal of Assad from power by all means.

On December 14, 2016, the Jew Washington Post finally admitted that Syria has been invaded by foreign mercenaries and the five-year-old war was not a local uprising against Assad.

On December 15, 2016, Sweden-based pro-Israel Middle East Observer said that the fall of Aleppo is a latest Iranian victory against the US-Israel alliance. Earlier on December 11, the MEO whined that Aleppo fall would tighten Assad-Iranian grip over Lebanon.

Iran-Syria-Hizbullah are known as Axis of Resistance against the US-Israel imperialism in the region.

Barack Obama hasn’t given up on his dream of a regime change in Damascus in order to save Zionist entity from the real Islamists. Syrian people’s determination to fight the foreign mercenaries for five years with the support from Iran, Hizbullah, Iraq and lately Russia have failed to convince Barack Obama or Donald Trump that Israel’s so-called “military invincibility” died after its defeat in the 2006 Lebanon War.

How victory was achieved? Last week, a Putin-Erdogan agreement was forged for the foreign rebels in to leave the nine remaining districts of Aleppo under their control and head to Idleb. These terrorists however, being the proxies of the Zionist Jews that they are, broke this agreement and vowed to idiotically keep fighting. Subsequently, the Syrian Arab Army and Russia paused all military operations to open up a humanitarian corridor to allow the final 8,000 Syrian civilians still being held hostage by the Takfiri filth to escape. Panic and disappointment surged among pro-government activists’ ranks that we jumped the gun, that we prematurely cried victory, that we were heading for another stall on what is supposed to be the most gargantuan achievement of the war and the death-knell for the entire conspiracy. But this was indeed just a pause, not another nonsensical ceasefire. Russia was not giving Western powers another chance to surrender, nor was Syria. They wanted to finish the job. Victory belongs to the Axis of Resistance and Moscow!

My fellow Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett exposes western lies about Syria and Assad (watch below).


3 responses to “Aleppo: Zionist Mafia defeated

  1. Been a bad year for the zionists with their humiliating rout in Syria. And now one of their top zionists in Australia jailed for 5 years and about time too.

    Hopefully this will continue into 2018 and beyond !!!

  2. But where will they go? Just a little farther and then regroup, rearm and strike again? They need to be plucked out of there for good.
    How about asking the US, UK, France and Saudi Arabia to each take in 1/4 of the “rebels” since they claim they are just “opposition.” Samantha Powers could probably afford to house a few, so could the Clintons and Kerry, and Soros could adopt a large number…. Obama should also get his share. Michelle can teach them how to grow veggies…

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