Indyk: Trump should open 2-US embassies in Jerusalem

gaza1On Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu while visiting Azerbaijan, told Israeli journalist accompanying him that the US president-elect Donald Trump supports the Zionist entity and he is very much excited about moving huge US embassy in Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem next year. Netanyahu also said that Trump’s team is scouting sites.

Netanyahu, known to be spook, terrorist and criminal, hopes that once Washington moves its embassy to Jerusalem, all the rest of Zionist-controlled governments follow the suit. But it’s not going to happen. United Nations considers it a disputed city.

The father of political Zionism, Theodor Herzl, promised to the Pope, Kaiser, Ottoman Sultan, and several western leaders that he would internationalize Jerusalem city if Jews were awarded Palestine to escape western antisemitism.

The Jewish army invaded and occupied East (old) Jerusalem in 1965 and annexed it in 1970. In October 2016, UNESCO acknowledged once again that Jews have no historic connection to old Jerusalem city.

Since the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948, only two countries, Costa Rico and El Salvador, took bribe from Tel Aviv and moved their embassies to West Jerusalem. Costa Rico left in August 2006 and El Salvador followed the suit.

Donald Trump who hardly received 20% of Jewish votes, eventually decides to move US embassy to please his Jewish daughter, he would get condemnation from the international community and would be further isolated from its European allies who are getting sick of watching the sole world power sucking AZZ of tiny parasite Zionist entity.

Mark S. Indyk, former US ambassador to Israel, and Barack Obama’s special envoy for the failed Netanyahu-Abbas ‘peace negotiation’ has come up with a novel ‘face-saving’ proposal for Donald Trump. Indyk quit his second post blaming Netanyahu of dishonesty.

Indyk, executive vice-president of the Jewish Brooking Institute, in December 1, 2016 Op-Ed said that if Donald Trump is stupid enough to move US embassy to West Jerusalem, he should also establish second embassy in East Jerusalem – thus recognizing an independent Palestinian state. All 57 Muslim-majority states and NAM member-states would follow Trump’s move and thus enhance Washington position around the world.

However, Indyk couldn’t control his Zionist itch by suggesting that Trump move wouldn’t cancel Israel’s 1970 annexation of East Jerusalem.

Israel would be required to accept a Palestinian capital in Arab east Jerusalem in return for Arab, Muslim and international recognition of Israel’s capital in an undivided Jerusalem. The United States could then go ahead and locate two embassies in Jerusalem, one on the west side for Israel and the other on the east side for Palestine.”


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