Jakarta’s Christian governor in court for insulting Islam

indonesiaflag1On Tuesday, Basuki Tjahaja (Ahok) Purnama, the first Chinese-Indonesian Christian Governor of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta appeared in city court to stand his blasphemy trail. He is accused of saying that Holy Qur’an commands the believers not to vote for non-Muslims.

Prosecutor Ali Mukartono said Ahok had insulted Holy Qur’an during a speech at the Thousand Islands off Jakarta’s coast in September in which he said a verse was being used to manipulate people into not voting for him because he is Christian.

That’s absurd. Muslim minorities have been voting for Christian, Jew, and Hindu candidates around the world. However, many Islamic scholars are of the opinion that in a Muslim-majority country, there should be ‘reserved seats’ for non-Muslims in parliaments which is practiced in Pakistan and Iran. This is good for non-Muslims because they would have non-Muslims to fight for their rights – not like in the West, where the Christian, Jews, and Hindu lawmakers all look after the interests of the Zionist entity.

According to the Reuters the Governor wept in the court as he professed his respect for Islam.

His problem with country’s Islamic organizations began in June 2016, when he directed city public schools to stop making hijab compulsory for Muslim female students. I think he was right there.

But then he made a very stupid statement. He compared hijab with napkin which some girls use to wipe their faces. I’m sure, Ahok would never make a similar comparison with Nuns’ outfit and Jewish kippah.

Indonesia is world’s largest Muslim country of 220 million people (87% Muslims, 12% Christians and 1% Hindus, Buddhists, and others. The country’s constitution is not based on Islamic Shari’ah but a cult of Pancasila, a Sanskrit word which means ‘five principles’.

In 1969, Indonesian government adopted the so-called ‘Blasphemy Law’, which covered an insult to any of country’s six recognized faiths (Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism) as hate crime punishable up to five years in prison). How sad, the new Jewish religion, Holocaust, didn’t make to the list of hate crimes.

Since Ahok Purnama was deputy Mayor of Jakarta when country’s current Muslim president Joko Widodo was Mayor of Jakarta. He was elected Mayor of the City in 2014. I’m sure he couldn’t be an Islamophobe. I believe it’s a political move to discredit the Governor who announced his bid for the re-election.

Blasphemy like polygamy are synonymous with Islam though they existed in the Judeo-Christian world hundreds of centuries before the Dawn of Islam in 610 CE in Arabian city of Makkah.

Jewish media has unanimously declared the trail being against western values of the so-called “Freedom of Speech”. If one study some object source, he would find out that in the West, only people who enjoy “Freedom of Speech” are the Zionist Jews who can insult Islam and Christianity. The rest of all is hog-wash considering that criticism of holy Holocaust is a serious crime against G-d’s Chosen People is crime 16 European nations.


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