India threatens to ‘break Pakistan into 10 pieces’!

zionism[1]India’s Hindutva (Zionist) interior minister Rajnath Singh has warned that if Islamabad didn’t stop cross-border attacks in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir valley, it will find ‘cut into 10 pieces’, as happened to former East Pakistan in 1971.

Responding to Modi government threat, Pakistan’s interior minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan reminded Singh that he should worry about his own country whose 1.1 billion people are living under Hindu fascism.

Khan wondered how a political party (BJP) that upheld religious intolerance, hatred and violence against not only to country’s Muslim, Christian, Sikh, and Buddhist minorities but also Hindu Dalits (untouchables) in its manifesto has the gal to hurl accusations at Pakistan. He said India’s pipe dream of breaking up Pakistan in 10 pieces would never come true.

Castigating India for its Nazi policies in its occupied Kashmir, he said: “Those chanting slogans of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood should take a look at their past and present and see how the state machinery was being used against Kashmiris and how the rights of Muslims, Hindus and other minorities were being trampled in India.”

India’s opposition leader Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at his twitter account: “Yes Rajnath Singhji Pakistan is trying to divide India along religious lines; has it struck you that you & your boss have been doing the same?”

India’s interior minister’s outburst reminds me the dialogue between The Lady (Queen Elizabeth), and The Man (Shakespeare) in Sir George Bernard Shaw’s comedy, The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (watch below).

Since the break-up East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), both Pakistan and India has become nuclear powers. India has Asia’s second largest army after China. India spent $50.6 billion on military in 2016. It now ranks among the world’s fourth military spender after United States ($622 billion), China ($191.75 billion), and Britain ($53.8 billion).

It would be unfair not to mention American military expert Kyle Mizokami’s Talmudic prediction posted at the Jewish The National Interest magazine in 2014. He claimed that not only India had more fire power, it would be supported by all world powers with the exception of China, a close ally of Pakistan during a future war between India and Pakistan. I wonder why Mizokammi didn’t mention Israel which would be the first to send its ‘terrorist experts’ to India to kill Muslim civilians.

Historically, India is an ‘artificial state’ which never existed within the current borders before the Mughal Empire (1526-1748).


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