Gitmo prisoner to face ‘Jewish Justice’ in Israel

gtmo-visit4---camp 6 prayer - front standingOn Thursday, the Miami Herald reported that US authorities have agreed to transfer Kenyan Muslim prisoner Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu, 43, to the Zionist entity for prosecution.

Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu who was arrested in Mombasa by Kenyan authorities in 2007 and sold to America, has been kept inside the notorious Guantanamo Bay concentration camp since then.

Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu is not accused of supporting Taliban or Al-Qaeda – but being involved in 2002 bombing of Israeli Hotel Paradise Mombasa, a Mossad false flag operation.

FBI claims Malik had admitted the crime under interrogations but has not charged him for the crime for the last nine years. FBI has also refused to hand-over Malik’s file to Israeli security officials because it has no proof of Malik’s involvement in the bombing.

On January 22, 2009, president Barack Obama signed executive orders directing the closure of the torture camp established on January 11, 2002 to legalize America’s proxy wars for Israel on Muslim lands. It’s filled with 800 Muslim inmates, nine died under torture, 720 released or transferred to foreign lands while 71 still being held without trials.

President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign had pledged to keep the Gitmo camp open and fill it with more Muslim terrorists.

The camp was repeatedly condemned by Amnesty International, US-based Human Rights Watch, International Committee of the Red Cross, European Union, Organization of American States, and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar asked Barack Obama to release Malik saying there was no reason to continue holding Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu since he had been cleared over suspicion that he was involved in terror activities.

We are asking President Obama to release Abdul Malik because he is innocent,” Omar said at Longo Primary School in Likoni on July 23, 2015.

US Congress has passed a law against bringing the prisoners to US soil from the camp in Cuba fearing they might attack Israeli and Jewish interests in United States.


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