Russia, China veto UN Resolution on Aleppo

On Monday, Russia and China vetoed UN Security Council resolution suggesting a 7-day ceasefire between advancing Syrian army and the trapped US-Israel created ISIS terrorists. The resolution was supported by the US and its pro-Israel regimes in Germany, UK, France, Egypt, New Zealand, Ukraine, Uruguay, Japan, Malaysia, and Senegal. Venezuela voted against the resolution while Angola abstained.

These kinds of pauses have been used by fighters to reinforce their ammunition and to strengthen their positions and this will only worsen the suffering of civilians,” said Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN.

The Americans in particular are insisting on demanding a truce, because their terrorist agents are now in a difficult situation. Washington would have no more trump cards to show if Aleppo is liberated. Aleppo was the last hope of militants and their supporters, after their failure in the battles of Damascus and Homs,” president Bashar al-Assad said in an interview gave to al-Watan newspaper expected to be published on Thursday.

According to Lebanese media nearly 78% of the Eastern Aleppo has already been liberated by the Syrian army and its Hizbullah and Iraqi Shi’ite allies.

On November 29, during a meeting with European NATO allies in Berlin, Barack Obama spoke of the need to immediately stop the advancing Syrian forces at Aleppo areas held by the terrorists.

The Zionist-controlled US Congress and Senate want to drag Syrian conflict to the coming administration under Muslim-hating Donald Trump. The US lawmakers and the Jewish lobby groups expect that Trump’s family ties with Israel would force him to commit US Forces in Syria and Iran.

On December 3, 2016, Richard Spencer reported at UK’s The Times that European Union has offered hundreds of million dollars financial bribe to president Bashar al-Assad if he let the rebels rule part of the country along Israeli border.

In July 2016, the US Peace Council sent a delegation to Syria for a week in order to meet with Syrian secular and religious leaders. What they discovered there shocked even those members of the peace movement who had assumed a certain level of US propaganda. They returned to the US to speak at the UN where they denounced the entire US/western depiction and narrative of Syria as a propaganda lie.

The president of US Peace Council, Alfred L. Marder, 94, is Jewish and former member of American Communist Party. His parents were Ukrainian immigrants.

British investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley who just returned from Aleppo was interviewed at Ron Paul Liberty show (watch below). She claims that the Jewish-controlled Western mainstream media is full of lies about Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his allies against Western-funded terrorists.


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  1. Shame on Malaysia. Obviously bought off by the Wahabi branch of Western Terror franchise

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