US: Somali al-Shabaab did 9/11

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]In case like hundreds of millions people you too believe that Israel committed 9/11 – fasten your seat-belts because last week the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the ‘duck president’ Barack Obama administration decided to add Somali al-Shabbab to America’s long list of the groups that had been blamed for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. So far, Washington has blamed al-Qaeda, Taliban, and Saddam Hussein while Jewish Lobby has blamed Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia being perpetrators of 9/11 attacks.

Interestingly, al-Shabaab was not even born in 2001.

The next so-called “Islamist terrorist groups” to join the 9/11 list would be ISIS and Boko Haram.

Ironically, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir and former Iranian president Ayatullah Rafsanjani have claimed that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and Boko Haram were created by the US and Israel.

American investigative journalist Wayne MADSEN says that US, Israel, Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab are a big happy family.

The extension of the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed on September 14, 2001 will allow pro-Israel Donald Trump to continue War on Islam aka War on Terrorism.

On November 15, 2015, pro-Israel Sen. Charles Ellis (Chuck) Schumer admitted unintentionally that War on terror is Israel’s proxy war.

I’m sure  Gen. (ret) James Mattis, the defense secretary-in-waiting would love to kill a few thousand Somalis to avenge the US military humiliation during October 3, 1993 raid on Somalia.

In June 2006, the Jew York Times reported that CIA saw the emerging Islamic Court Union (ICU), which aimed to build Somali unity based on Islam, as a dangerous alternative even though it was a broad coalition involving moderate as well as Islamist factions – led by the US-sponsored current president Sheikh Sharif and Sheikh Hassan Aweys (now one of the anti-government leaders). The ICU quickly gained the popular support and defeated US-supported warlord alliance. For the rest of 2006, the Somali capital saw its most prolonged period of relative peace in more than 15 years.

The Somali community in United States is 100,000-strong. A great-majority of it supports Palestinians. It recently elected a Hijab-wearing Ilhan Omar to Minnesota Congress. She defeated Zionist Jewish Phyllis Kahn who held the seat for 42 years.

On December 3, 2016, UK’s Israeli propaganda organ Daily Mail, whined that London is pumping half a billion pound to defend the West-installed Hassan Sheik Mohamud regime but most of the military aid has fallen into the hands of the so-called “anti-Israel” al-Shabaab.

Both the US and UK have its forces in Somalia which are guiding the 22,000 African Union troops from Christian majority Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda – and Barack Obama’s kosher ambassador Katherine Dhanani.

Somalia has great strategic importance for both Israel and the US. Somalia lies at the tip of the Horn of Africa and north to the Gulf of Aden, a crucial part of the Suez Canal shipping route. Approximately, 21,000 ships pass through the Gulf each year, carrying 11% of world’s petroleum. The World Bank and United Nations ranks Somalia as the second most important country for unexploited oil reserves in North-East Africa.


2 responses to “US: Somali al-Shabaab did 9/11

  1. Saying that Somali Al-Shabbab did 9/11 is a slur on Bin Laden, who not only did 9/11 but cured himself of terminal renal failure while living in a cave and re-emerged younger than before, a little fatter, and sporting some jewelry in subsequent videos.
    He had incredible longevity the secret of which CIA agents tried to get from him when they visited him in a hospital in Pakistan where he was teaching the doctors how to do dialysis. He wouldn’t divulge it, so out of spite, many years later they killed him and threw his body in the ocean. He must have cast an evil spell on his killers, who promptly died in the helicopter they were about to depart in.
    His memory should not be diminished because there was never another like him: not the underwear bomber, not the shoelace bomber. He was truly the stuff of legends.

    • Do you know, Ron White even wrote a poem in OBL’s honor ….

      I’ve never been more popular in my life
      Since I carry a big mat knife

      I’m a little Taliban
      I come from the country of Afghanistan
      If I’m gonna die in a big crash
      It is the will of Almighty Allah

      I didn’t have the money for the vacation
      So I joined the terrorist organization

      I learned to fly a plane from a friend
      But he forgot to teach me to land

      I love my Papa, I love my Mama,
      But most of all I love Osama.
      I love my Papa, I love my Mama,
      But most of all I love Osama.

      I am feeling the most happy
      When I hear the scream (aaaaaa) of yuppie.

      PS: Osama Bin laden was born in Yemen but ran business in Saudi Arabia and Sudan. He landed in Afghanistan long before Taliban crossed Pakistan-Afghanistan border. He was not poor, but not as rich as Donald Trump ….

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