OPEC: Iran is the new ‘power’

thumbnail61The recent decision by the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to curb the level of output maybe the “dawn of a new power play” in the oil market for the next few years.

Mehrdad Emadi, consultant at the UK-based Betamatrix International Consultancy says OPEC’s decision to impose a ceiling on output below the existing level of production by the member countries may be considered the most significant agreement since 2006 reached by the organization.

According to Emadi, the new agreement was reached only after all member countries agreed that Iran will be exempted from the voluntary cuts and/or freeze on the production levels. He said the decision will enable Iran to regaining its footprint in the crude oil market after losing its market share due to the Zionist sanctions.

The decision to exempt Iran was made despite objection from Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

In my view, this actually may benefit the organization in that the willingness of the other OPEC members to accommodate Iran in return for a united voice in the energy market and acknowledging the role of Iran as a key producer will make it much more likely to see the reemergence of a more disciplined OPEC that will put unity and long term interests ahead of regional bickering and short terms gains. Such a unity will generate a new level of political and economic credence to the organization in the global energy market,” Emadi believes.

Naturally, the Zionist Jews at the Stockholm-based Middle East Observer were not happy with Iran’s refusal to bow to the pro-western Saudi-Algeria campaign. On November 23, the MEO whined that “Iran is using its oil output as a pressure tool in regional power conflict.” It accused Shi’ite Iran and Iraq united against Sunni (Wahhabi) Saudi Arabia.

Now, the Sunni-Shia conflicts setting Saudi Arabia and Iran at each other’s throats, particularly in Syria and Yemen, make the relationship between the two even more fraught,” claimed MEO.

I’m sure some of readers must have heard the old saying: Jews never kill Jews.

Jew Bloomberg carried the headline: “In OPEC Poker Game, Iran and Iraq called Saudi Arabia’s Bluff.”

On November 30, the Jew York Times scared the hell out of its readers by warning: “OPEC Reaches Deal to Limit Production, Sending Prices Souring.” The paper claimed that Iran’s influence in OPEC, and indeed in the region, has been growing since the lifting of nuclear-related international sanctions. I wonder why UK’s former FM Lord David Owen made a similar statement in December 2011?

The Jew York Observer predicted: “OPEC Teetering & May Collapse.”

The Masjid-i-Suleiman, located in the Khozestan province in the south west of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was country’s first oil well. It’s drilled in 1908. It’s also the first oil well drilled in the Middle East.


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