Israel vows Hindu tourists

Israel’s Tourism Ministry recently launched a major TV advertising campaign to attract 800 million Indian Hindus to visit the Zionist entity under the slogan: “On most vacations, you take a trip. But in Israel, you take a journey.” The visual elements of campaign underline the unique moving experience that Israel offers – ancient religious history, Arab-European cultural, open beaches, gay parade, and brothels.

What amused me the most that there is no Hindu shrine in the occupied East Jerusalem, unless Israeli guides can convince Hindus that the Jewish holy Temple Mount was in fact built by Hindu King Ashoka the Great (268-232 BCE).

The $2 million campaign, featured a TV commercial, as well as advertisements and marketing content in leading travel and consumer media.

The ministry also hired Bollywood actress and model Sonam Kapoor, 31, as Israel’s tourism ambassador. She visited Israel in July 2016 which included a photo-shoot in the Occupied Palestine for the June-July cover of Jewish magazine Harpers Bazaar Bride India, and a documentary film about her visit (watch below). Sonam is daughter of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor.

Indian sub-continent had been home to several Jewish communities in the past. Since the creation of the Zionist entity, Israeli rabbis have found a few new Jewish communities which were not known in India in the past. Approximately 85,000 Indian Jews emigrated to Israel after 1948 and are enjoying living on properties stolen from Palestinians.

On June 29, 2009, US-based Israeli news website Tablet magazine boasted about Bollywood’s Jewish roots.

On September 29, 2014, Tia Goldberg reported at the Times of Israel that after Israel’s Gaza invasion, Israel lost 31% of its tourists – a loss of $544 million revenue in one year.

According to Indian media, 20 million Indian tourists visited foreign countries last year mostly the US, Canada and Europe. According to Israeli embassy, 40,000 Indian applied for tourist visas last year.


One response to “Israel vows Hindu tourists

  1. Never a more greater mix of low life vulture ‘cultures’. 2 sets of self appointed Chosenites who take crookery, theft (both big time into organ theft & sale, exorbitant usury)& caste system devotees to new lows. Let them have eachother. They’ll have fun robbing eachother blind

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