Iran blasts United Nations over its failure to sanction Israel

IranFlag03[1]On Wednesday, Iran’s deputy ambassador to United Nations Gholam-Hossein Dehqani in his address at the UN General Assembly blasted the international body over its failure to halt Israel’s illegal and criminal actions against Palestinian people.

Israel continues to disregard and disrespect the persistent demands by the international community to abide by international law,” he said.

The systematic violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, including demolition of homes, forced displacement of Palestinian civilians, arrest and detention of Palestinians, including children, and incessant violence, terror and provocations by Israeli settlers and extremists, including at sensitive religious sites, particularly Al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds (Occupied East Jerusalem), have persisted unabated,” he stressed (watch video below).

Dehqani noted that Israel’s illegal blockade on the Gaza Strip continues to fuel deprivation and hopelessness among Palestinians, and the rising number of illegal settlements on the Palestinian soil show that Tel Aviv is not interested in making peace with the Palestinians.

He concluded his statement by reiterating Iran’s unwavering support for Palestine, while assuring that Tehran will do whatever it can for the Palestinians to realize the cause of a free and prosperous Palestine.  

In May 2016, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei told a visiting Palestinian delegation that defending Palestine is defending Islam.

Donald Trump victory was hailed by Israeli leaders such as PM Benjamin Netanyahu, tourism minister Naftali Bennett, who called for the annexation of the West Bank in October 2016, former foreign and justice minister Tzipi Livni, who slept with two of PA negotiators in 2013, former minister Gideon Sa’ar , and others. Netanyahu’s buddy MK Yehudah Glick even invited Trump to celebrate his victory at the Wailing Wall in the occupied East Jerusalem. Naftali Bennett claimed that Trump victory means an end to the so-called two-state solution.

On Thursday, Israel’s energy minister Yuval Steinitz called West Bank president Mahmoud Abbas, who had been hailed as Peacemaker by Shimon Peres and Pope Francis, Top Enemy of Israel. Most Palestinians and even non-Zionist Israeli Jews consider Abbas being a traitor to his people.

On November 28, former US president Jimmy Carter in an Op-Ed at NYT urged Barack Obama to recognize an independent Palestinian state before the end of his presidency on January 20, 2017.

On November 21, 2016, UN Special Rapporteur, Canadian professor Stanley Michael Lynk (Western University, London, Ontario), in his report criticized Israel’s theft of Palestinian land. Geneva-based Jewish lobby UN Watch, headed by Canadian Zionist Jew Hillel Neuer, and Canada’s foreign minister Stéphane Maurice Dion have urged UN secretary-general Ki-moon to fire Lynk over his anti-Israel reporting (here).

Chicago-based Eli Joseph James, political commentator and radio-host in a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV has call upon the international community “to take different approach to Israel.”

Abby Martin explains below how Palestine was colonized by European Jews.


4 responses to “Iran blasts United Nations over its failure to sanction Israel

  1. So, by now, it seems Iran is the only Power which has not betrayed the Palestinians.

    • It’s in the Iranian constitution that Iran does not recognise the Zionist government occupying the land of Palestine. No Iranian government can recognise “Israel”. Therefore it’s a legal principle and law of the Iran that Israel is illegal

    • In fact, Iran was the only country that provided Muslims and Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina military and financial support against Serbian and Croatian Christian invaders during the 1992-1995 war of independence.

      In the notorious 1995 Dayton Accord the US-NATO demanded that Sarajevo expel 300 Iranian military advisers from the country. In 1993, Iran gave $100 million, Pakistan ($10 million), Saudi Arabia ($5 million), and Kuwait ($3 million) to Bosnian government for the re-construction of Sarajevo city destroyed by Serbian shelling.

      • Did those Iranian military advisors end up getting expelled?

        Rehmat: YES – Tehran recalled all the military advisers on request from Sarajevo. However, Tehran still maintains largest Muslim embassy complex in Sarajevo.

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