Ron Paul – From ‘antisemite’ to ‘Russian propagandist’

Former Congressman Ron Paul has been under Organized Jewry fire since the day he proposed that Washington should stop $3 billion military aid to Israel and spend that money on education and medicare at home over six years ago. Israel-Firster David Horowitz called him crackpot, vicious anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier for claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, and Iranian nukes are no threat to US.

I suppose Louis Farrakhan was right when he said that forgiveness is not part of Jewishness. Ron Paul’s son Senator Rand Paul who has visited Israel, had voted for every sanction against Iran, and was one of the signatories on Sen. Tom Cotton’s threatening letter to Iranian government and had been critical of Obama administration removing some of the sanction on Iran – Rand is still considered a threat to Israeli interests by the Jewish Lobby.

According to press reports, Sen. Tom Cotton received $1 million to oppose Iran deal.

On November 24, Zionist Jew Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post published an anti-Ron Op-Ed by Craig Timberg in which the Zionist jingonist blamed Ron Paul for dishing out Fake news created by Russian propagandists during the US presidential election to punish anti-Putin Hillary Clinton while helping pro-Putin Donald Trump – and thus undermining faith in American democracy.

Ron Paul has debunked Craig Timberg’s lies saying the Fake news comes from the US government (watch video below).

The reason behind the recent Ron Paul character assassination by the Jewish Lobby is based on his criticism of possibility of Donald Trump picking one of the two famous Israeli-lapdogs, John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani, the 9/11 Suspect, as his secretary of state.

Jennifer Rubin an Israel-First blogger at the Washington Post has already sounded alarm over Ron Paul being next US secretary of state. Rubin is an ardent supporter of war on Syria, Hizbullah, Iran or anyone else who sneezes facing toward the Zionist entity.

Jeffrey Phillips explained Rubin’s problem with Ron Paul at the (November 13, 2016): “Under Secretary Paul there would be no fact-free, mindless propaganda sessions deceptively named ‘daily press briefings’. Under Secretary Paul diplomacy would not mean ‘do what we say and we will give you money, refuse and we will bomb you’. Under Secretary Paul diplomacy would serve the national interest instead of the special interests. Under Secretary Paul, the customary appearances by the Secretary before the House and Senate foreign affairs committees would actually be exercises in truth-telling instead of spin-making.”

Ron Paul who didn’t endorse any of the GOP candidates, has refused to serve in Trump administration.

On November 21, Adam Garrie at The Duran news website suggested Danna Rohrabacher, another Israeli lapdog, as the new secretary of state instead of John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani or Ron Paul.


3 responses to “Ron Paul – From ‘antisemite’ to ‘Russian propagandist’

  1. Dutch Parliament voted yesterday “No Palestinian State”…..damn the lot, filthy Christian Zionists, Geert Wilders Freedom Party, will he be our next PM? he wants to close all refugee camps, ban the Koran, close mosques etc. where can I go to if that happens? Regards, Joop Jansen

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