John Kerry goes to South Pole to find his Nazi roots

Several explorers have gone to South Pole. For example, Pakistan-born explorer  Namira Salim travelled to both North Pole, and South Pole in 2007 and 2008.

But Crypto-Jew John Kerry is no explorer and Israel is not in the South Pole – so why he went to the South Pole on the election day (November 8)?

Some readers may not know that during the final days of WWII, many Nazis, mostly Frankist Jews and Zionist Catholics were helped by Allied Forces head by Gen. David Eisenhower to the US, Argentina, Chile, British occupied Palestine, etc. One of them, Adolf Eichmann, grabbed world headline when he was kidnapped by Mossad from Argentina. Israelis executed him in 1961 to hide his collaboration with the World Zionist movement.

It’s no secret now that British ‘royals’, Kennedy and Bush families, and top Jews in Hollywood collaborated with Nazis.

When I read the news about Kerry’s secret trip to South Pole, I thought he could be attending an Artic Council meeting there. But then I remembered the not much published South Pole Auschwitz in Antarctica during 1938-42. According to American version, by 1945, nearly one million slave laborers, Nazi elites officers, scientists, and engineers were living inside German colony at Antarctica.

Investigative journalist Seth Ferris claims John Kerry went to South Pole in search of his Nazi family roots.

Kerry does have an indirect connection with the Nazis. Like the Bush family, he too is part of the Skull n Bones secret society. George Bush Sr’s father, Prescott Bush, ran the Bank of America which financed the Nazi Party’s initial bid for power, and got its own money from somewhere,” says Ferris.

But there are also precedents for sending important people to the South Pole at historic turning points, which this US election is bound to be, whoever wins. The most famous concerned Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty, Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy. He was on his way to the South Pole on a government mission at the time John F. Kennedy was shot, and for the rest of his life maintained that that was not a coincidence but a deliberate attempt to get him out of the way so that he could not impede what he later stated was a plot,” Ferris added.


2 responses to “John Kerry goes to South Pole to find his Nazi roots

  1. Slow news day?.. or just can’t come up with anything to grab attention, like THIS piece of wack BS? Man… this is WORSE than “fake news”. This is pure character assassination, in a most asinine display of idiocy! One more like THIS that’s NOT on April Fools Day and you’re short a reader. ^..^

    • Lol…. If John Kerry’s brother Cameron Forbe Kerry and his second wife Teresa Heinz Kerry being Jewish was not a good news for you – then you may love to know that Kerry’s daughter Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry married Iranian Dr. Behrooz (Brian) Vala Nahed in Israeli Knesset in 2009.

      Dr. Behrooz is a brain tumor surgeon but according to Israel National News, he was the one of the BRAINS behind Iran’s nuclear bomb Netanyahu dreamed in 1990s……

      Now, please don’t ask me to search whether Nahed is still Christian or converted to Judaism …..

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