White supremacists are good for Israel

29a3[1]On November 21, 2016, Yaron London in Op-Ed at Israeli newspaper YNet said that Western White supremacist groups and individuals who support President-elect Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim and non-White immigration views, are in fact Israel’s allies as long as they don’t call for the mass expulsion of American Jews like Muslims.

A world view which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests. If Trump’s people are more disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews, we have struck quite a good deal. Trump and his friends see Israel as a forefront against the barbarians, and they are not exactly very observant,” wrote London.

To do the Netanyahu government justice, let me qualify my statement by saying that all forms of Zionism hold the perception that a certain extent of antisemitism benefits the Zionist enterprise. To put it more sharply, anti-Semitism is the generator and ally of Zionism,” added London.

London believes that if there is no real hatred towards Jews in America, it needs to be created for the benefit of Zionist experiment.

It would be good to have some antisemitism in America. Not serious antiemitism, not pogroms, not persecutions that will empty America from its Jews, as we need them there, but just a taste of this pungent stuff, so that we can restore our faith in Zionism,” says London.

The Organized Jewry and its controlled mainstream media have a long history of creating White supremacist like Ku Klux Klan, the English Defence League, European Defense League, French National Front, British National Party, Geert Wilder’s Party for Freedom, and now the so-called Alt-Right are all Israel’s bed-fellows.

Jewish media created Alt-Right spokespersons such as Richard Spencer, Breitbart, a news website founded by Andrew Breitbart, a Zionist Jew. Breitbart’s CEO on leave, Stephen Bannon, is Donald Trump’s top strategic adviser. Bannon has been declared kosher not only by ADL, but also Israel’s agriculture minister Uri Ariel.

I know Steve Bannon. It’s an inspired choice. Andrew Breitbart is cheering from heaven. Brilliant. Bannon is a warrior,” wrote Jew Pamela Geller, the Acid Queen of Islamophobia.


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