Russian journalist: Trump to ‘Israelize’ ME policy

On Tuesday, Alexander Bratersky in an article at Russia Insider, entitled, Trump’s Jewish Ties May Be Key to Moscow’s Outreach, claims that Putin’s support for Donald Trump is based on common denominator – their Jewish family ties.

Jewish Republicans are pinning a lot of hope on Trump. Furthermore, many Middle Eastern commentators expect that Trump intends to ‘Israelize’ US policy in the region,” Bratersky said.

Mawan Bishra, editor Al-Jazeera English posted at The Jew York Times: “Expect America’s new president to work closely with Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump has embraced Netanyahu’s positions on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and on abandoning the two-state solution. Instead of Americanizing the Middle East, Trump seems set on Israelizing” America, stirring fear of Muslims and trying to wall out the other.”

Bishra is too late to acknowledge that reality. Former Congressman Paul Findley, said that on October 15, 2007: “There is an open secret in Washington. I learned it well during my 22-year tenure as a member of the US House of Representatives. All members swear to serve the interests of the United States, but there is an unwritten and overwhelming exception: The interests of a small foreign country almost always trump US interests. The nation of course is Israel (here).”

Bratersky confirms my early post in which I called Donald Trump, a Judas Goat.

On December 25, 2015, Canadian Jewish academic and blogger, Henry Makow, PhD, called Putin Jewish Pawn.

Bratersky says president-elect Trump’s daughter Ivanka Marie Trump, a former fashion model who converted to Judaism in 2009 to marry her Jewish boyfriend Jared Kushner, is the glue which bonds Putin, Trump and Israel.

In an interview with, the president of the Russian Jewish Congress, Yury Kanner said that Moscow had establish communication with Trump via his Jewish family members and the members of the Jewish business community in both Russia and United States.

Kanner confirmed that Trump has links with the Jewish community through his daughter Ivanka: “She converted to Judaism, and Orthodox Judaism at that. This is strict Judaism, with a large number of rules and prohibitions. And Ivanka observes them all. She shows a strict, serious approach. She observes Shabbat without fail,” Kanner said.

Kanner pointed out that though the daughter of Hillary Clinton has also converted to Judaism – she doesn’t practice her new religion like Ivanka.

Kanner also claimed that Hillary Clinton did not have too close links with the Jewish community either, which is wrong because Hillary received 70% of Jewish votes.

Looking at Trump Team, it’s obvious Putin and Netanyahu are the top winners. Netanyahu has already put his eggs in Trump’s basket hoping he would be able to pursue Putin to distance himself from Iran.

The other winners beside Israel would be Syrian and Egyptian presidents. Putin has met Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Crypto Jew on several occasions and even supported his 2014 presidential bid.

The main loser under Trump presidency would be the ISIS terrorists, once Washington stop arming them and force Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to follow its lead.

Putin believes that once Daesh is defeated in Syria, Assad would not need help from Iran and Hizbullah which could neutralize Syrian possible future threat to the Zionist entity, which in fact never existed. Bashar al-Assad never attacked Israel to liberate Syrian Golan Heights territory. The threat came from Hizbullah leader who said that if the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) ever attacked Lebanon – it would be fought inside the occupied Golan Heights.

Zvi Bar’el, however, claimed at Ha’aretz (November 11, 2016) that Iran Could Be the Big Winner of the Donald Trump Presidency – if Trump backed down from his pledge to tear the Iran nuclear agreement. It seems the Israeli ‘old goat’ didn’t know that Iran never signed the nuclear agreement with United States. It signed it with five UN veto powers and Germany which was blessed by the UN Security Council. Furthermore, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei stated last week: Trump presidency won’t affect Iran-US relations.

If ISIS/ISIL is defeated in both Syria and Iraq, Iran would be more than happy to have a stabilized Arab world which would give it a chance to concentrate on their common enemy – the Zionist regime occupying Arab Palestine.


3 responses to “Russian journalist: Trump to ‘Israelize’ ME policy

  1. Some very silly statements by Jewish propagandists, like Trump will “Israelize US foreign policy>” Really?! Like carrying coals to Newcastle? Gilding the lilly?
    Or Trump “Trump has links with the Jewish community through his daughter Ivanka” That’s a hoot. Yeah, without her he would be, and before she converted he was without “links.”

    • Let’s watch and find out who win; American White racists like Pat. Buchanan, Kevin MacDonald etc…. or Zionists like Netanyahu, John Bolton, Pence, Bannon, etc …..

  2. Also, maybe Mr Trump won’t get elected after all, by the Electoral College in December. In Three of the Swing-states the votes may have to be recounted, and Hillary will get enough Electoral votes to become Madam President?

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