Swiss government refuses to fund Jewish ‘protection scam’

Damn! What’s wrong with Swiss people? First they banned Minaret and now they’re telling their Bible’s Chosen People that they have to fund themselves from the newly arrived Arab refugees.

The disturbing announcement came in a report published last week by the Swiss interior ministry’s Service for the Fight against Racism. It prompted a mixed reaction by the country’s Jewish communities, who welcomed the report’s naming  of the problem but criticized its failure to offer alternative solutions.

The Organized Jewry have been fooling Swiss taxpayers since 9/11 to bear the expenses for the protection of 0.2% of country’s Jewish population. However, no such funding is provided to Muslim communities which form more than 6% of country’s population and receive daily threats from White Supremacists and pro-Israel groups.

Where credible indications suggest that the Jewish community, Jews or Jewish institution may be targeted in violent attacks, the state — meaning the federal confederation or its cantons  – is positively duty bound to offer protection and guarantee individual safety, even at the expense of elevated expenditure of human of financial resources,” states the 18-page document, entitled Report on the measures taken by the federal state to combat anti-Semitism in Switzerland.

On Thursday, the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities criticized the report as antisemitic. “This type of proposal is unacceptable to us, because, as the report notes, it is the state’s duty,” said Herbert Winter, the group’s president.

The French government under Jewish president Hollande is spending millions of euros every year for the protection of 500,000 French Jewish, including the deployment of 12,000 soldiers to guard Jewish schools and other community buildings. The deployment was initiated following the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Kosher Market, a Mossad false flag operation last year.

In 2014, ADL claimed that hatred towards Israel and Jews increased by 74% in France.

On July 29, 2014, The Jewish Daily Forward reported that the US Jewish groups received 94% of total US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)grants.

Taxpayers in Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Britain, Canada, Australia, and most other West European countries offer funding for the protection for their Jewish communities – as compensation for the persecution of anti-Christ Jewry for centuries in the past.

Last year, Jewish groups blasted Swiss Department of Homeland Security government for allowing the anti-Israel French comedian to perform.

Shame on you presidents Johann Schneider-Ammann for visiting Iran in February 2016.


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