Jews divided over Keith Ellison to lead Democratic Party

On Friday, Democratic party minority leader in the Republican-controlled US Senate, Sen. Chuch Schumer threw his Jewish weight behind the first Muslim lawmaker elected in the United States’ history Keith Ellison to be the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Last week, two senior Democrat Senators, Jewish Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump’s Pocahonta Elizabeth Warren, PhD also threw their support behind Keith Ellison.

Russian-American Jew Ilya Sheyman, Founding CEO of MoveOn, a bipartisan liberal political group, also endorsed Ellison for the position. The group supports BDS and in a letter to Eli Pariser, executive director MoveOn the Israel Lobby ADL’s Abraham Foxman lauded the group’s efforts to keep antisemitism out of the group.

If elected, Ellison would replace Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (a Zionist Jew), who resigned this summer under pressure after stolen DNC emails were published revealing the animus at top party levels against Sanders’ candidacy.

Even though Keith Ellison visited Israel in 2009 and have blasted Gaza-ruling Hamas for terrorism against the Zionist entity, Ellison’s allegedly past ties with the Israel’s hating Louis Farrakhan, haunt the Organized Jewry. Leader of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan had called both Hillary and Trump, Biblical Satans. Both Ellison and Farrakhan have refuted the allegations.

On November 16, Matt Gertz, deputy director at Media Matter exposed the ‘war on Ellison, in an article, entitled, Here Comes The anti-Muslim Attacks On Keith Ellison.

On November 19, Allison Kaplan Sommer wrote at Israel’s newspaper Ha’aretz that Donald Trump pro-Israel and White racist supporters are running a smear campaign lead by CNN and Breitbart against Muslim Keith Ellison to divert public condemnation of Steve Bannon’s appointment at Trump Team.

Rep. Keith Ellison is, in many ways, the perfect person to spearhead the Democratic Party as it prepares to lead the charge against President-elect Donald Trump’s White House and a Republican-controlled Congress,” Sommer wrote.

On November 15, at The Slate, Michelle Goldberg, journalist and author, also blessed Ellison, saying: “Ellison is uniquely positioned to unite progressive, while representing the racial and religious minorities endangered in Trump era.”

Pro-Israel Jews both in the Democratic and Republican party are supporting Ellison’s opponent former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, a Crypto Jew. Dean married Judith Steinberg in 1981.

Anti-Ellison Jews hate him not because he wants to wipe Israel off the map, but because he is not a good apologist Muslim as is his fellow Muslim-convert Democratic Congressman André Carson.

Keith Ellison is no friend of the Muslim world. He has supported Washington in every recent wars against Muslim countries, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon, and also supports Israel’s current proxy war in Syria. In September 2013, in a radio interview he said that he supports Barack Obama’s plan to bring a regime change in Syria – even if it needed a military force. However, Ellison did oppose American attack on Iran fearing it would be disastrous for the US, Israel and the western allies in the region.

David Swanson posted on November 16 that Keith Ellison is better than Hillary Clinton, but he too promote misinformation about protecting innocent people in Libya and Syria and uses those claims to justify war making. “This is exactly the war makers were looking for in funding Hillary Clinton for president. Should the Democratic National Committee give it to them in the form of Ellison as Chair? Does empowering someone who is a Muslim erase all concern over bombing Muslims and turning their nation into Hell?


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