Meet Trump ‘Israel-loving’ national security adviser

On November 18, Jewish-controlled mainstream media reported that president-elect Donald Trump has appointed retired US Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn as his senior national security adviser. He most probably would be replacing Barack Obama’s senior national security adviser Dr. Susan Rice. Both Flynn and Rice are ‘Israel-loving’ Zionist Christians.

Michael T. Flynn, like Donald Trump, is anti-Muslim, and pro-Russia.

In July 2016, in an interview at Fox News’ The Kelly File, commenting on Nice and Munich terrorist attacks Flynn demanded that Kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei should condemn their ‘radical Islamic ideology’.

I don’t expect Flynn to call upon Pope Francis, Archbishop Justin Welby and Chief Rabbi Mirvis to condemn their ‘radical Judeo-Christian ideology’ even though former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney claimed that the terrorist attacks in Nice and Munich were work of Israeli Mossad and local Zionist Christians.

Like Benjamin Netanyahu, Flynn too suffers from severe attack of Islamophobia by suggesting he may be OK with killing the families of suspected terrorists and tweeting, “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL.”

FBI reported in 2006 that Muslim extremists were involved in 6% of anti-US terrorist events as compared to 7% by Jew fanatics and the rest by Christians, Communists and others.

America’s largest Muslim advocacy organization CAIR has criticized Trump’s appointment of some of well-known Islamophobes at key posts in his administration such as Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for the post of attorney general, Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA, and Michael Flynn as senior national security adviser.

Surprisingly, CAIR didn’t object to Stephen Bannon’s appointment as senior national security strategist. Bannon is on leave head of Israel propaganda website Breitbart News since August 2016. Jewish-controlled media has declared Bannon anti-Semite for posting Dr. David Duke’s views on Breitbart News. However, powerful Jewish lobby ADL has defended Bannon saying he is bigot on Islam but doesn’t hate Jews.

Michael Flynn, Former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) insists that the White House and the Pentagon had a pre-knowledge of the existence of ISIL terrorists whose job was to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad (watch video below).

Flynn, a Zionist Christian is a staunch ally of the Zionist entity. He is an active member of several Israeli advocacy groups such as CFR, ADL, AIPAC, WINEP, etc.


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