Israel: Trump must stop Putin supporting Iran

Remember Benjamin Netanyahu hailing Donald Trump as true friend of Israel on November 9. Trump’s selection of hardcore pro-Israel anti-Muslim Jews and Zionist Christians as part of his administration, proves Netanyahu was not wrong even though 70% American Jews voted for Hillary.

So what Netanyahu expect the most from Trump as president of United States?

David Wainer provided the answer at the Bloomberg recently. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working to win from Donald Trump what he failed to wring from Barack Obama: a harder line against Iran,” he said.

The prime minister Netanyahu will argue, first and foremost, that Trump administration should work to diminish the partnership between Russia and Iran in the region, said Wainer.

Israeli leaders have realized that though Trump and Netanyahu agree on the so-called historic P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement, which Donald Trump called the worst deal ever negotiated – Washington wouldn’t dare to walk-out of the deal as Russia and China will not follow United State at the UNSC this time.

In fact, the hardcore Republicans who voted against the US-Iran agreement in the past, are now urging Trump to ‘stiffen’ it rather unravel it.

With Iran and European allies imploring the new administration to honor the accord that restricted Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, fear is growing that a unilateral withdrawal from the deal would leave the U.S. internationally isolated and might even push Tehran to reinstate its suspected nuclear weapons program,” says professor Orde Kittrie, a senior fellow at Soro’s Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Another early critic of the deal professor Eliot Cohen (Johns Hopkins University) and a former State Department official known for his hawkish foreign policy views on Iran and Syria. Cohen told Zionist crowd at a conference sponsored by the Middle East Institute, a Washington-based Israel advocacy group, “I was not in favor of the Iran deal, but now I opposes its abandonment.”

Even Senator Bob Corker, a Zionist whore, has urged Trump to think twice before walking out of the US-Iran deal.

Since Trump considers Putin his ally in many areas, Netanyahu wants him to use his friendship to stop Putin supporting Iran.

On Thursday, Savyon, E. Kharrazi, an ‘Iranian expert’ at Israel’s MEMRI claimed that anti-Israel anti-US threats by the Jew-hating Iranian leadership have toned down since Donald Trump victory. I suppose the idiot didn’t read Ayatullah Khamenei’s statement on the same day in which he said, Trump presidency won’t affect Iran-US relations.

Personally, I never believed Vladimir Putin being a true friend of Iranian nation. The man is an opportunist. He has maintained close political and trade relations with two of world’s greatest enemies of Muslims, Netanyahu and Narendra Modi. Putin’s interest in Iran is to keep the country out of western influence and have a larger piece in Iran’s $408 billion annual economy. Iranian friendship also stop Tehran supporting Muslim resistance groups in Chechnya and other Muslim lands occupied by the Russian Bear for centuries.


One response to “Israel: Trump must stop Putin supporting Iran

  1. The Litmus test for Putin will be supporting Iran & remaining on the side of non-sligned sovereign nations or caving into IsraHell & losing international credibility & being a nothing nation. Let’s see what the grand chess player Putin does….but something tells me that history judging him as boot licker to that shitty little pretend nation called Israel is not in his country’s interests

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