Khamenei: Trump presidency won’t affect Iran-US relations

001-Copy63[1]On October 16, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei commenting for the first time on Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election said his administration would make no difference to Iran’s relations with the United States, because America is the same America. Over the past 37 years either of the two parties which has been in office not only has done no good to the Iranian nation, but has always been an evil to the Iranian nation.

The Leader was addressing a meeting held on the anniversary of a mass funeral organized in Esfahan for the 370 martyrs of Muharram Operation of November 16, 1982 during the Iraqi invasion 1980-88. It was attended by thousands of people. He said: “I do not have any comments on the outcome of the presidential election in the US. Anyone coming from either of these two parties is pure evil. One imposed sanctions, another shot down a passenger airliner and one attacked our oil platforms. We are not concerned and we are prepared to combat any possible incident. Across the world, some people mourned and some celebrated it. We neither mourn nor celebrate the outcome of US elections; we concentrate on how to move our country out of possible problems.”

Khamenei pointed to the issues brought up during the US presidential campaigns regarding failures, poverty and massive problems in the United States stating: “The US has spent its nation’s money on devious wars, which have brought nothing but the massacre of thousands of civilians and the obliteration of infrastructures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.”

Gen. (ret) Wesley Clark claims that pro-Israel neocons planned the US proxy wars against seven countries (watch below).

Last month, Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani called both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton evil and bad for Iranian nation.

Donald Trump whom Netanyahu called a true friend of Israel – and America’s First Jewish President by the Organized Jewry, is going to be worse than Barack Obama for the Muslim countries in the Middle East.



2 responses to “Khamenei: Trump presidency won’t affect Iran-US relations

  1. Ayat Khamenei is singularly the only honest & fearless political & spiritual leader in the world. He is peerless.

  2. The Trumpster has his work cut out for him if he is to outdo Mrs Bombalot Clinton stakes. Let’s examine her record:

    Clinton described as “the Neocon’s Neocon” enthusiastically backed the wars that killed hundreds & thousands in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as Syria. She has a proven hatred of muslims, The Donald’s remains to be seen.
    Her love of muslims extends to the Saudi Yahudi Emirati oil soaked pretend sheikhs faithful to IsraHELL ‘ s interest.
    I’m sure mothers in Pakistan who’ve had their children murdered by Clinton drones are sad to see her replaced by Trump.

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