Hitler revisit Berlin – Jews nervous!

Something_Wrong_With_This_Pic_by_Be[1]Not in person off-course! But more than 170,000 Germans wished he had. Considering the popularity of the Hitler and the Germans exhibition, the German Historical Museum in Berlin has extended it to February 27, 2017.

There has been great interest among Germans and also international tourists. There have been lots of visitors from all over Europe,” museum spokesman Rudolf Trabold said.

On November 9, 2016, Stephanie Kirchner whined at the Washington Post that the exhibition reminds the German Jewish community the horror their ancestors faced over seven decades ago. She recalled how Jews cried when they saw “a giant Hitler face projected onto the façade of a central Berlin shopping mall as part of an art installation early this year.”

Levi Salomon, spokesman for the Berlin-based Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Antisemitism, called the new exhibit a step toward the normalization of evil. To show Hitler’s bunker, Salomon said, meant presenting the German leader as a bureaucrat and statesman like any other.

Kirchner and Salomon are not the only whinos. In January 20, 2016, Jess Schugh at Israeli propaganda site, ibtimes, blamed Muslim immigrants from Syria and White nationalists (Neonazis) for the rise of German hatred towards Jews.

Hitler’s first-ever exhibition, Hitler and German: Nation and Crime, was held at Berlin’s Historical Museum in October 2010.

In 2013, the Berlin Jewish Museum held Israel’s PR exhibition Jew in the Box with a sexy Israeli journalist Miriam Widman in a box to educate visitors on Holocaust, Judaism, and the Zionist entity.

Germany where Nazi salute (quenelle), Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and Hindu Swastika remain banned, nervousness of the Holocaust Industry is understandable.

Interestingly, on January 27, 2014, Israel National News reported the discovery of an important document which proves that several Jewish terrorist organizations in British mandated Palestine collaborated with the German Nazis (here).

On May 16, 2014, British Jewish journalist, writer, musician, and blogger Ben Norton said that Hitler left a lasting impression on Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his RSS bum-kissers. If that’s true, Modi must visit Berlin to pay respect to his mentor.


One response to “Hitler revisit Berlin – Jews nervous!

  1. Hollywood may depict him as a demon but zionist jews were his most enthusiastic collabs

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