Ouch! UK trains Saudi police …

If you believe, as I do, that Saudi Arabian and Bahrain police commits torture and extreme human rights abuses against dissidents and Shi’ite groups – then you may be interested to know that most Saudi and Bahrain police officials receive their training at the British College of Policing.

However, UK’s Jewish-controlled mainstream media will never mention that British police officials, like American police officials – receive their torture and shoot-at-sight training in Israel.

London-based human right organization Reprieve in its recent report has criticized UK’s police training college for not carrying-out checks that would establish whether human rights abuses, such as torture, have resulted from the training the Saudi police officials.

The Reprieve was founded in 1999 by British-born anti-death penalty lawyer Clive Stafford Smith. He is Jewish and gay, and holds UK-US dual citizenship. Many of his clients have been Muslims prisoners at the Guantanamo concentration camp including Moazzam Begg.

Lawmakers in both Britain and United States are totally beholden to Tel Aviv. They whine when UK and the US sell arms to Saudi Arabia or Bahrain to keep the local military industries booming – while they force their governments to give billions of dollars worth military aid to Israel each year in order to kill and terrorize people in the neighboring Arab countries.

In January 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that Saudi Arabia is an ally against Iran.

FBI director James Comey, who shielded Hillary Clinton’s crimes during recent election campaign, is on record saying that FBI officials not only receive protest-control training in Israel which is fully paid by American Jewish organizations. He also said that it’s mandatory for the new recruits to visit Holocaust museums to lean the Jewish sufferings during the Nazi era in Europe.

Most British cops are White racists. Their major targets are Muslims most of whom refuse to adopt country’s ‘Jewish values’ such as homosexuality, same sex marriage, pornography, religious bigotry, wearing bikinis, love for Israel, etc. In spite of all that, a 2015 poll claimed: Muslims are more loyal to UK than Jews.


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