UK’s Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Grow up Donald Trump’

While the British prime minister Theresa May congratulated Donald Trump on his US presidential victory, the head of the opposition, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn said Trump should grow up on immigration issue and recognize that US economy depends on migrant workers.

The treatment of Mexico by the United States, just as much as its absurd and abusive language towards Muslims, is some that has to be challenged,” Corbyn told BBC on Sunday (watch below).

Jeremy Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez, who is from Mexico, feels “absolute anger and outrage” towards President-elect Donald Trump’s plans for a border wall between Mexico and the US, the Labour leader said. Corbyn added: “I’m looking forward to the conversation between my wife and Donald Trump.

Earlier in a speech in Ashford, Kent, he criticized the US President-elect and described events in the US as “a global wake-up call”.

Distancing himself from the business mogul’s policies, he added: “Instead of offering real solutions or the resources to make them work, he offered only someone to blame – everyone, that is, apart from those who are actually responsible for a broken economy and a failed political system.”

Corbyn’s comments came just hours before Steven Bannon, former head of pro-Israel Breitbart News Network, founded by Andrew Breitbart (d. 2012), former Republican Jewish media moghul, was named Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon has been labeled by the Organized Jewry as a white supremacist.

Bannon is accused by his ex-wife Mary Louise Piccard of being an antisemite and of domestic abuse. She claimed in 2007 that Bannon refused to send their twin daughters to a school which had a lot of Jewish kids.

In January 2016, Jeremy Corbyn said that if Donald Trump ever visited Britain, he is going to invite him to a mosque in the area where he lives.

“As you know, my wife is Mexican and my constituency is very, very multicultural, so what I was going to do was go down to the mosque with him and let him talk to people there,” he said.

In-spite of the media propaganda, great majority of American Muslims are not bothered by Trump’s anti-Muslim rants. They know under Trump administration the demonization of Muslims and Islam for the benefit of the Zionist entity would be no different than the previous administrations.

It’s not only the White Supremacist and Hindu extremists who voted for Donald Trump – the American Muslim reformer Dr. Asra Nomani proudly claimed she voted for the president-elect.


2 responses to “UK’s Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Grow up Donald Trump’

  1. I doubt Corbyn will ever get to meet Trump.

    • I don’t think Corbyn will ever be interested to meet Trump unless he became the Her Majesty’s next prime minister. Corbyn has already declined an invitation to visit Israel.

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